CUSIP, AUTOTRIS, What Is This About?

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

CUSIP, AUTOTRIS, What Is This About?

CUSIPS are just bank registry numbers that attach your collateral to debts so that they can be securitized and traded. They are the equivalent of —- yes, you got it — Bar Codes on products. What you are more likely looking for is the corresponding AUTOTRIS number, which attaches you to your credits earned, but remember, they aren’t YOUR credits, until and unless you claim the PERSON.

This makes for an impossible situation, because if you claim the PERSON, you also claim the debts, and all that happens is that the account gets zeroed out. Remember that in a debt-credit system, it is literally impossible to accrue debt and that is because every debt is automatically offset by an answering credit in the same amount. So anything that appears to be a credit or a debt in such a system is illusory. It’s the result of bad bookkeeping, not any actual debt or credit.

You might think that, oh, well, that’s dumb. How did all those debt amounts appear to be credits? And credits appear to be debts? Why weren’t these things being offset automatically? What’s the whole teapot tempest about? Kick the accountants into gear and clean up the mess! That’s what I said on Day One when I found out about this fiasco. Their reply? We can’t do that. It would collapse the world’s stock markets and banks and cause a terrible mess!

Why? Because the entire system, while objectively designed to be clean and just and honest and fool-proof —- isn’t. A Third Element was added to the CUSIP and AUTOTRIS System and that Third Element was you, the living man or woman. And your role? You gave value to it all, without knowing it.

Think about my Joe’s Hamburger Shop analogy. You give Joe some I.O.U.’s issued by the Federal Reserve Banks in YOUR NAME as “payment” for a hamburger. But as we all know, I.O.U.s aren’t really payment, are they? They are just promises to pay at some future date. Nonetheless, Joe is obligated by Legal Tender Laws to accept your I.O.U. “as” payment — as if you paid when you didn’t really pay. So far you are on the debt side of things, and with every transaction you make, you go deeper into debt.

See how this works and how a huge “national debt” can be accrued, especially when you are adding interest payments to all this?

So go back and ask yourself what really happens when the Federal Reserve Banks issue I.O.U.’s in YOUR NAME? They are standing there as a Third Party Agent. They are placing a value on your NAME and all that it stands for, your land, your labor, your potential earnings, your home, everything —- and issuing credit in your NAME. This is how YOU become a perpetual DEBTOR.

But, what about Joe? The Hamburger Shop guy? He provided the actual meat and bread and labor to make a hamburger. That’s real. That’s not credit. That’s payment.

And he never got his materials and labor back. All he got was an I.O.U. So, in this crazy system, what could he do? He sold your debt on. He traded your debt, your I.O.U. to his butcher and baker suppliers. And then they were in the same boat—- trading your debt for their debts to the farmers. And the farmers were stuck trading your debts to pay for their seeds and animal feeds and so on and on it goes, everyone trading on YOUR debt, in the good faith expectation that “someday” they will all get paid.

YOUR debt is constantly accruing and being accounted for, but Joe’s answering credit is nowhere to be seen. That just dropped off the ledger somehow and never got applied.

So that is what the AUTOTRIS number is attached to, YOUR answering credit for actual payments and the earnings from those payments. Yes, they turned that side of the ledger into a giant Slush Fund, so all the Credit owed to Joe and everyone else was being “sequestered” or “blocked” in the language of the banks, and invested by them “for” you.

When the Day of Reckoning comes, of course, that giant Slush Fund of Credit owed to Joe and everyone else on that side of the transaction chain has to pay off all the debt accrued by YOU and everyone else on the debt side of the ledger, including the interest owed to the banks for their services.

Many naive people have made the statement over the years that we can never pay off the debt because of the interest owed on all those debt notes, but they forget that all this while, the answering credit has been invested and earning far, far more than mere interest returns.

So at the end of the day, how does it all turn out? Well, some Americans owe debts far in excess of what they ever contributed. And other Americans are owed credits far in excess of what they ever took out of this system. When it is all settled out, the National Debt vanishes, together with the interest owed to the banks, because— remember — no debt ever actually existed: Joe paid for your hamburger the moment he accepted your debt note. It all gets offset against the National Credit, and that leaves the leftover profit accrued from investing the credit owed to Joe and you and me.

I am presenting the “bare bones” of the issue. In between all of this, the bankers have been shuffling around protecting YOUR assets including your credit and the receipts from investing it, in offshore accounts in Puerto Rico, all conveniently without telling you a word about any of these activities going on in the background. It is all far more complex than the Hamburger Shop example, but in the main, when you crunch it all down — they’ve been bootstrapping on YOUR CREDIT and using what is owed to you to back their banks and then investing your asset ledger and keeping it all sequestered so that you couldn’t access it via Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange to discharge any of your own debts— which is what they promised as payment for their use of your credit in the first place.

The rule and the law is and always was that because they were using credit owed to you, you would be able to offset any debts accrued against YOUR NAME by “claiming your exemption”. And then, they just conveniently neglected to tell you that you had an exemption and also neglected to tell you how to access and use it. And that “lapse” among other things is what we are taking them and the Queen and the Pope and all their corporations to task for.

It wasn’t bad enough that they seized upon and used credit that was owed to us and which should have been used to pay off any debts we owed, but they profited themselves and denied us access to our own credit using spurious excuses —- they didn’t know where we were, for example, except when it came time to tax us. Right.

So now, we are showing up with our credentials in hand and saying — pay up. We didn’t agree to this. We weren’t told anything about this. We have paid not only our own debts but everyone else’s and this has got to stop. To put teeth to this, we have joined together with like-minded people, to exercise our right to Self-Govern and claim our exemption from all this rot. We are assembling the actual State Assemblies and pooling our resources and knowledge to push back.

They, of course, are claiming that they are “broke” and can’t pay us. To which we are saying, “BS — we know where the assets are and who they belong to.”

Your best bet on getting access to the credit that is owed to you, and the return of your assets, is to do what we have suggested and join your State Assembly and bring your claims. Forcing them to offset those claims and to respect your standing isn’t an easy proposition. They’ve gotten away with using your assets including your credit for free for over a hundred years. They have developed an Entitlement Mentality regarding your assets and your credit —- and they need to have that knocked out of their heads. One person is not going to do that. Ten people aren’t going to do that.

But join together as a recognizable and cohesive Body Politic that actually owns the resources of your State of the Union and is owed the Constitutional Guarantees, and suddenly, everything changes for the better. They can no longer claim that you are a “US Citizen” and they can no longer excuse their laxity and failure to provide you with the Good Faith Service and Exemptions you are owed. We are on the uphill climb and I won’t sing you any songs of easy money and pina coladas in the shade.

What we will guarantee you is that you are owed the offset and/or discharge of all Public Debts addressed to YOUR NAME and the return of your assets free and clear of debt or encumbrance. Together, through our State Assemblies, we are standing tall and demanding that this be done for everyone who wakes up and declares their political status as an American.


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