Re: the truth of existing Corporations acting under the color of law as Government

Name: Robert-dean:House

Godly Origin: Fertilization on or about 17 December 1956

Address: c/o 46400 Bermont Road, Punta Gorda, Florida [33982]

Home phone: 941-833-1055                     Cell Phone: 239-229-6243

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.

AFFIANT – Being first duly sworn, deposes and says that from his personal knowledge:

1. The following investigation has revealed the truth of existing Corporations acting under the color of law as Government and the many uninformed people, who are now being informed, working for these Corporations under the false belief that they are justly employed by a Local, State or Federal Government. Who are operating under the belief of being protected for “just following orders”.

2. A true Government does not operate as a Corporation under a CEO, board members and investors.

3. A Corporation cannot operate as a true Government under Legislative, Executive and Judiciary.

4. A Corporation is in business for a profit and often operates under a Fictitious Character Name, written in all caps, and is registered as such with the Data Universal Numbering System aka DUNS and Bradstreet, headquartered in the Community of Short Hills within the City of Millburn, New Jersey, created in 1983.

5. A Corporation can be identified by knowing the full business name and address, written in the GLOSSES of all caps according to The Chicago Manual of Style, page 665 and 666, 11.128, or by a registered phone number.

6. This investigative statement is of the Corporations of, but not limited to:

a. STATE OF FLORIDA, located at 721 Cypress Point Drive, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33027-1350 under phone number 954-985-4824 and under DUNS number 089735667.

b. COUNTY OF CHARLOTTE, located at 350 E Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, FL 33950-3727, under phone number 941-639-3111 and under DUNS number179372151.

c. CHARLOTTE COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE under COUNTY OF CHARLOTTE, located at 7474 Utilities Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982-2417, under phone number 941-639-2101 and under DUNS number 147546209.

d. CHARLOTTE COUNTY TAX COLLECTORS located at 18500 Murdock Cir Rm 241, Port Charlotte, FL 33948-1075, under phone number 941-743-1350 and under DUNS number 097021717, also as:

e. FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY SAFETY AND MOTOR VEHICLE, located at 410 Taylor St, Punta Gorda, FL 33950-4849, under phone number 941-743-1350 and under DUNS number 031655003, also as:

f. FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY SAFETY AND, located at 18500 Murdock Cir, Port Charlotte, FL 33984-1068, under phone number 941-743-1350, and under DUNS  number 031452497.

g. BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS, located at 1850 Murdock Cir Rm 243, Port Charlotte, FL 33948-1028, under phone number 941-743-1400, and under DUNS number 031670258.

h. DANCO, located at 312 Corrientes Cir, Punta Gorda, FL 33983-5629, under phone number 941-743-1400, and under DUNS number 88494955. This Corporation is out of business.

7. Any people receiving this Affidavit may prove the information herein wrong or incorrect with his/her rebuttal affidavit. No rebuttal, no dispute. The Affidavit stands as truth. In other words, should these findings be in error, please feel free to correct them.

8. Any Corporation operating under fraud by using deceit and unknowing consent is committing crimes and any Agent or Employee working for such Corporations are aiding and abetting in such crimes and are in themselves subject to fines and imprisonment.

9. The above Corporations deceivingly misinform the people first by classifying them as citizens of and under their Corporation and then getting their unknowing consent through instruments such as, but not limited to, a Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, Social Security Card, Registration to Vote, etc., etc.

10. These Corporations, under copyright, create Statutes and Codes under color of law, making it a crime for none compliance by it’s knowing and unknowing Citizens.

11. One example: When one party contracts lawfully with another to purchase an automobile, that contract is intervened by one or more of the above-listed Corporations which requires it’s Corporate Automobile Dealership, licensed by the STATE Corporation, to Register the Automobile as a Vehicle under STATE Title Ownership with the purchasing party as the Registered Owner who rents the Vehicle under the false belief of being True Owner, and is then required to pay a yearly Registration/rental fee receipted with a yearly sticker for the Registered Plate. The sticker notifies the LEO Corporation that the citizen is in compliance.

Under the Law of Nations, there are no laws impairing the obligation of contracts. In the facts above the STATE Corporation acting as a third party has unlawfully and by deceit and unknowing consent intervened into a two-party contract. Thus defrauding the purchasing party.

Should this Statement go unanswered or unchallenged it becomes the Court under the Common Law of Self Governance which supersedes all statutes and codes created under the color of law that requires one’s unknowing consent.

Therefore, it is ordered by this court that all Principals be truthful with their Agents and Employees and the liability they are beholding to the public and that they take the proper steps under the Common Law to serve the public Lawfully.

by:                                                                   AFFIANT

Sworn to and subscribed before me this ….. day of , 2020





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