Adoption And Safe Families ACT (1997)


The Clinton’s are responsible for the 1997 Adoption And Safe Families ACT, the very nasty piece of legislation that pays $4,000 to $6,000 to remove a child and place them with strangers.

The Justice and State Depts have been covering up for Clinton’s, which is no surprise as these depts look the other way while children are taken through Kangaroo Courts. Courts which provide CPS and HHS generally a blank check, on immunity, because that check is repaid to the Courts out of the tax dollars of the American people, mostly out of the Social Security Fund which is withheld from the paycheck of every American, every year, and the vast majority of us are told that the Social Security Fund will not be there for us when we need it.

And what types of figures are we talking about here??? HHS had a budget in 2018 of $851.1 Billion dollars. All taxed from the American people and handed over to the State and Federal Governments. The portion of which the Federal Government reissues to the States when the States enact laws that are in line with Federal requirements. This could be any area of law for which the Federal Government is not given express Constitutional permission. In other words, if the Constitution doesn’t say this is your power directly then the Federal Government has no power to legislate in that area of law, it is “reserved to the States to enact the laws for their State as they see fit and if the State doesn’t touch it it’s then to the people to decide.

The Same is true if the Constitution forbids something then the Federal Government cannot do it. So instead the Federal Government bribes the States with money the people have set aside for their futures — the social security that is taken from you and me. The Federal Government has then Carte Blanch because the Constitution States it has the authority to tax and spend. Yet we are also taxed at the State level as well. A strict reading of the Constitution would have one wondering at the authority of both State and Federal taxation, as it is supposed to be a tax imposed upon the States by the Federal Government, not a Federal tax upon the people. It is supposed to be proportioned, based upon the size of the State, and not upon the merits of an individual’s labor as it is now.

One would be right to ask, why do I get taxed, even a dime, when I work overtime? Not everyone works overtime, and so if you make time and a half, then the Government’s State and Fed take even more. these are the fruits of your labor handed over, and then sold back to you with legislation such as the Federal Government requiring that any child removed from a custodial parent due to abuse or neglect, can only be funded if the child is placed in a home with strangers. NOT the home of the non-custodial parent.

But the law goes one step further when it says that a child can ONLY be reunified back into the SAME home from which the child was removed, meaning the home where abuse and neglect have been either admitted or found to have occurred in that same home. This is done because the Government can’t pass up a dime. As every other facet of juvenile court decisions are based upon “The Best Interests of the child”, but not here it’s predetermined. This is because the Government doesn’t want to lose child support arrears or future payments, and has absolutely nothing to do with the best interests of a child.


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