Dear Mr. Trump– Credit Collection and Why USN is Better, But Not The Answer

anna-2 by Justice Anna von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump– Credit Collection and Why USN is Better, But Not The Answer

As noted in the Joe’s Hamburger Shop article, Americans are owed a tremendous amount of credit as a result of the use of Federal Reserve Notes floated on our economy as military script. The same is true of “United States Notes” or any similar I.O.U. fabricated and fronted by any bank or association of banks.

The only actual improvement offered by the “United States Note” is that it is based on our gold and silver holdings and not upon our blood, bones, and labor — that is, they are holding our precious metals ransom instead of paying their own debts, but have given up the idea of literal enslavement, because it is both illegal and unlawful.

This improvement duly noted, Federal Subcontractors are still inappropriately offering to pay their debts based on our assets and labor and now, on our buying of commodities in our own markets. This is similar to having a robber propose to pay you back using your own stolen goods.

It’s still a “debt note” system, and it is still out of control, such that we are being prevented from conducting our own business affairs under false pretenses of trusteeship and merely presumed to exist delegations of power.

The United States of America has called for the States to Assemble, and they have done so. We are fully competent to direct our business affairs absent the Confederation of States of America, including the payment of debts and the settlement of credits owed.

The Principals responsible for chartering the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. and the current incorporated Territorial version of “United States of America” are still on the hook and we don’t agree to any process by which the perpetrators of these schemes claim 80% of what is owed to the States and People as their “reward” for wrong-doing and then dole out 20% of what is owed to us to their Cronies for infrastructure and philanthropy.

This is just more barely veiled attempts to (1) destroy the value of the USD via inflation and to (2) devalue the stock market, so as to reduce the value of the debts that the Perps owe.

This will avail them nothing, as the debts are still owed by the Principals and the debts are still pegged against The United States Silver Dollar. This is especially true as we have the USB Receipt Book and are unlikely to forget its contents.

We are sick and tired of these infantile attempts to escape what is manifestly true and to re-write and over-write debts that are owed without the consent of those that these debts — both in terms of credit and actual assets — are owed to.

By what possible excuse, means, or logic is the Trump Administration pretending to represent us with regard to these issues? In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, what are the actual electors of this country? Chopped liver?

By what authority is the Exchange Stabilization Fund being used to tank the USD?

For whom and for what reason is all this deceitful, immoral, illegal, and unlawful, manipulation being promoted?

It isn’t for the American States and People. We and our assets are to be Held Harmless and all Principals and Parties are provided with Due Notice that our gold and silver and land and all other actual material assets are owed to us and are not subject to claims hypothecated by Debtors.

This whole way of doing things and all the legal presumptions that such arrangements entail have to be jettisoned as the unreasoning flotsam that they are.

We haven’t gone anywhere, haven’t adopted any foreign citizenship, and aren’t amused by any of the criminal wrong-doing that has been perpetuated “in our names” by our Hired Help. Let’s make this perfectly and absolutely clear: another Debt Note system based on other assets of ours is not the answer to paying us back for what we are already owed.

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