Trafficking in Souls as Well as Bodies

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Trafficking in Souls as Well as Bodies

Where is your “Baptismal Certificate”?

Mine is in the bottom of a cedar chest, well-preserved and still legible. It was issued by Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, many years ago. It bears the signature of Pastor Thomas Hyde.

The Church’s copy of the same document is nowhere to be found. When asked about this, the reply was succinct, “Oh, we don’t keep copies. We have an enrollment book showing the names and dates.”

Call up the church where you were baptized and you will discover the same thing. Even though at least (2) two wet-ink certificates were produced and even though you may have your copy still, the church’s copy has gone missing.

Now ask yourself— what is a “certificate” and why would a certificate be associated with your baptism? And having been associated with your baptism, why wouldn’t it be kept on record?

Definition of “certificate”—-In Law, a statement, written and signed, which is by law made evidence of the truth of the facts stated, for all or for certain purposes. A certificate of ownership, a certificate of service, a gold certificate, and yes, a baptismal certificate.

Pastor Hyde probably never knew that there was anything nefarious going on when he signed the paperwork. He probably thought nothing of it, as he dutifully entered my name and date of baptism in the enrollment book and collected the church’s copy of the documentation, and sent it on to a regional office, where it was batched and sent on again to an ecumenical recording service and assigned a number.

The local level people never knew that souls were and are (at least purportedly) being bought and sold on an outrageous Black Market, being traded as a contraband commodity, using baptismal certificates as the transfer paper. And the church— at a high and corrupt level — was and is getting a very lucrative kickback from the sale.

And you thought that all these gleaming towers and soaring spires were being funded by bequests of the faithful and offering plate collections, maybe tax write-offs from corporations? No.

When you joined a church and were baptized, people who practice Black Magic purchased an interest in your soul, or so they believe, by purchasing the church’s copy of your Baptismal Certificate. They paid anywhere from a thousand to a hundred thousand dollars for it and consider your soul their property as a result.

Crazy as this is, it is no crazier than buying a stock certificate, is it? Show me where your “share” of GM is located?

So now we have the real answer of how, when, where, and why the conventional churches were corrupted and brought into the corporatist scheme. It wasn’t just a misguided idea that they needed to incorporate to get tax breaks that they were already granted and guaranteed. No. If they weren’t incorporated, they couldn’t issue baptismal certificates. And if they couldn’t issue baptismal certificates, they couldn’t get in on all the profits to be made from selling souls.

This perfidy first infected the Roman Catholic Church and predictably, spread from there to Protestant denominations.

So, where’s your baptismal certificate? And who is using it to pay their rent?

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