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Many have private messaged me asking what is going on. This pretty much sums it up:

“For three very long years, we have been telling you this is coming, that we are at war. For the last 3 months, we have been telling you we are about to enter the eye of the storm. Many of you got tired of it, many deleted friendships, family members walked away, many muted the posts – but some stuck around and listened. The following is for whoever is out there and now wonder what is going on – maybe now you will listen.

NKorea was supposed to start this – you didn’t even realize that was stopped – or did you already forget?

The counter move by “them” was to impeach – and that failed.

Their next move was to release a virus, tell you it’s is the deadliest ever and make you line up for the “cure” (that would in reality actually be what will make you sick in the long run), while raking in billions from you and your governments worldwide. They did a test run with the swine flu but you already forgot about that.

We tried to warn you and wake you up. We tried to tell you that the biggest weapon they have against you, is your ignorance. That their power over the world is hidden in how they are able to manipulate the masses, to manipulate them into fighting, hurting and ultimately kill each other. We managed to wake many up about this and those awoke are now ready.

So you who are still asleep, at least realize this; Good people are taking control, to ultimately protect you, and sadly to protect you from yourself…because if the controlled media tells you that you might run out of paper to wipe your butt, you run like sheep to the stores. We can now only imagine what you would have done if we told you that your “hero” was involved in such horrible stuff, it made us, who actually researched it, want to puke – literally and these sick people need to be arrested and stand trial. With the help of the controlled media you clearly would have lost it completely. So let’s be clear, the coming lock down is to protect you from yourself. You think this is bad? It is about to get worse. You have no idea what measures good people will take to save lives. Real good people (not the fake ones we use to believe in). So buckle up – and if you now eventually decide to wake up to all this stuff, then whatta bonus.

Many are asking why Italy? Well, watch the Vatican…

As backup the internet might be shut down for a while, 10 days even. What you still don’t get is that social media are controlled just like the media. We figured this out and used their own tool against them, just like this virus scare (which they had planned many moons ago) are used now against them as cover to take their puppets down. They tried to silence us, to censor us, but we kept fighting, fighting for you who thought we were crazy. So even if there is a total blackout, you need to realize it is part of it, part of the measures that will be taken to protect you, the people. We are at war. People get hurt during wars, people suffer, – people die. But this one is different. For a change, this war is about saving lives.

For once in our entire history, we are fighting back and they will throw everything at this, try everything to scare you and activate you. We are doing this for you and for generations to come and for the children they inflicted so much pain on – and for the ones they silenced.

“The world is about to change.” Q

May God be with us all – religious or not, pray, — we need His armor for what is coming. Amen.”



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