Dear Mr. Trump — We Repeat

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump — We Repeat

Our actual and factual government has not declared any “National Emergency” and any such declaration by your government is to be restricted in meaning and impact to your actual citizens —- not those who have and are claiming their original political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens.

Please inform all members of the military and the National Guard Units being deployed that Americans who are not “US Citizens” are not subject to curfews and other measures imposed on US Citizens. Our lawful government is not at “war” with any piece of RNA and we are not fooled by all these diversionary tactics.

Please also note that the money you are using to buy up all these bankrupted Municipal Corporations is, in fact, our money and credit, and that all assets held in the AUTOTRIS accounts of individual Americans belong to those Americans; only about 12% of us were ever under any obligation to pay Federal Income Tax, and we have scores to settle regarding all of that criminal predatory activity.

Our claim to all assets held in the name of “the” United States of America in all respects pre-dates any claim by any other Principals or Parties and must be held inviolate by the United States Military.

We retain all our claims to our States and to our private individual estates and lands within our State borders, and also retain all guarantees of the Constitutions; we deny all representations and claims contrary to this official and public communication.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]

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