Ask the right questions…

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ask the right questions…

And watch all these Incompetent individuals who are claiming to have powers and authority over you and your private properties, whatever those may be…

You have to understand it is you who has subject matter jurisdiction and is the master data controller… you 👊 and only you👊have this power and authority.

But always be respectful.

REMEMBER if someone makes a claim against you, you can require (meaning, demand)…. never request anything of Servants, ever…. that they prove the claims they make:

Require proof of 1. Authority, 2. Consent, 3. Contract, 4. Jurisdiction and 5. A correctly formatted invoice. Also say, – “your failure to provide the above foundational evidence is your tacit agreement that no such evidence exists, and therefore your claim is unlawful. This letter will be retained as evidence of this and will be used against you in court”.

Also consider – malfeasance in public office, fraud, and criminal coercion and hold them liable in their individual private capacities.

Local Government Act 1888 Section 79
Sub. Section (2) All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county, shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council of such county.

i.e meaning, the 151 Officer within the County Council Office. all Rents, Bills Of Any Kind must be Sent to The 151 Officer of the county, he or she then Discharge it all… that any bill, meaning anything…rent, water, gas, electric, telephone, internet, any taxes and so on and so on… you do not have to pay for any of this … a fact…

one should also have looked at Magna Carta 1215 which predates parliament and says that they cannot repeal any clauses in it!

There are 63 clauses in total and parliament has unlawfully repealed all but 3 or 4 of them! Look at them all and you see why…

This treason makes all acts and statutes unlawful/null and void in real laws of our native land.

It’s a right mess when you get down to it all, even birth certificate bonds that enact our enslavement to these tossers. Plus, you can capture it all under your control.

Malfeases of Public Office or Gross misconduct of Public Office.
The Seven Principles of Public Life i.e. in Public Office

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