Covid 19 “S” and Covid 19 “L” Are Now Accounted For

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Covid 19 “S” and Covid 19 “L” Are Now Accounted For

Oh, the things you find in the Patent Offices of the world….

So, we have the Patent issued to the British Pirbright Institute for one “novel” Coronavirus (that is, deliberately modified Common Cold Virus) — Virus “L” presumably, Prince Philip’s Filthy. Mean-Spirited Behest to the World, and, here we have another, earlier version, patented to the US Government, presumably Virus “S” — both identified in China as part of the current outbreak.

Mere words do not express my irritation, could not possibly convey my ire.

These rotten-malignant-disgusting-deplorable-sick-pathetic-excuses-for-rat-shit-morons have done this to try to cover their tracks and find an excuse to send people pathetic little settlement “offers” for their claims against the UNITED STATES, INC., bankruptcy, disguised as “help” to offset the ravages of a “global pandemic” scare ginned up by the same-useless-stupid-corrupt-nasty-inexcusable-selfish-disloyal-dishonorable-maggots.

Take the bankers out and kick the ever-loving crap right out of them. Now!

They’ve ridden us like donkeys for 150 years and its time they got off and walked!

You can tell Mr. Rothschild I will go one-on-one with him any time he wants.

I didn’t fear his Father and I sure as Hell won’t fear him or his brothers or any of his whelps.

The Pirbright Institute Patent has already been “fully disclosed” and posted. And now, hear this:…

See page-9, of this 72-page, 2007 US-Patent-Application #US007220852B1 for the “Invention of CoronaVirus/SARS-CoV”::…/a62eb55a0e678…

“But the other aspect, which is completely blacked out and censored from the corporate-controlled mainstream media here in the West, is that this crisis is a…
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