Think, People. Think.

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Think, People. Think.

For those who failed fifth-grade math…. when these sensationalist jerks on TV say that there has been a “five hundred percent increase”….

It means five times whatever the number was yesterday.

If there were five cases yesterday, there are 25 today.

So what?

We routinely lose 30,000 to 60,000 people to the regular Common Cold (yes, “Coronavirus” is the Common Cold Virus) every year in America, and 700,000 worldwide.

Why aren’t they being honest and calling it “Common Cold Virus” instead of making up this new, technical name and pretending that “Covid 19” is anything but a new strain of the Common Cold?

And not a particularly deadly form of the Common Cold, either?

A test for “Coronavirus” doesn’t distinguish between Common Cold (the plain old flu we always get ) and any of the various strains of this same virus.

So now the idiots are just counting all flu cases as “Covid 19”.

See how this works?

They are guaranteed all those huge numbers and deaths from plain old influenza, but they are falsely claiming that all these deaths are being caused by “Covid 19”— their new Bug-A-Boo and excuse.

So they are deliberately making it look like something exceptional and different and new, and they are deliberately propagandizing the severity of it and pumping up the numbers of purported cases, too.

It’s irresponsible fear-mongering BS.


To keep us focused AWAY from what is actually going on — the settlement of the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy.

Trillions of actual credit and assets that are owed to us, not the British Territorials, are at stake.

And they want to keep your eyes off the ball.

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