Grandma Gives It to You Straight:

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Grandma Gives It to You Straight:

There are DOZENS of strains of Common Cold Virus and always have been. This is all just a ridiculous smokescreen to hide the Municipal Bankruptcy and Territorial attempts to “buy” back the Municipal Corporations (which belong to us) using our credit and assets to do it.

Imagine this — a pickpocket steals all the cash out of your left pocket, and then, he uses this stolen cash to buy the jewel in your right pocket.

Have you got the schtick now? It’s a shell game.

The Municipal Government is owned and operated by the Pope directly (theft of the cash in your left pocket). The Territorial Government is also owned by the Pope, but it’s operated “for” him by the British Queen — who is busy trying to use your own assets and credit to buy your Municipal holdings (offer to buy the jewel in your right pocket).

You are funding the whole shooting match, and they are trying to foist this off on you by doing what?

Offering you “relief” payments — also known as “benefits” —- which they are free to define and misconstrue however they like, if you accept, without doing some re-defining of your own.

Left to themselves, the rats who are “giving” you a whole $300 billion out of the $6.2 trillion they are attempting to charge against your assets and credit —- would happily claim that you “voluntarily” agreed to settle your claims against the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC., and that you accepted a token “equitable consideration” and donated the rest to them.

So, we have acted in our official capacity and issued a Second Decree Over Mandate which you should take time to read — and officially “accepted” these “relief payments” as “gifts” from the Pope and Queen —– and back-charged their accounts for it, not ours.

The “Unknown Country” has nothing to do with Kim or Tank or this country or the price of beans in China. The “Unknown Country” is also known as the “Divine Province” — the realm beyond death. They set that trust up and renamed it to benefit themselves. They acted as “self-interested donors”. A trust can be set up so that the Donors are also the Beneficiaries, and that is what they did.

“Store up your riches in Heaven where thieves do not break in and moths do not decay……”

But Benedict XVI also ordered them to open the Storehouses of the Lord —- other trusts and accounts that are supposed to provide food and support for people in the End Times. Part of that included the Romanus Pontifex — the City of Rome Trust, also known as the Urban Trust and the UBS Trust that Jamie Dimon stole and railroaded.

Kim doesn’t know jack shit about any of this. Marduk hated mankind and never intended for her to know or be able to do diddly. And just look at the situation. Do you see any actual assets being deployed, or just more BS?

Let me answer — more BS.

More “Money of Account” that is being charged to you and used to benefit the bankers and middlemen.

Goddamn stupid, crooked military officers can’t figure this out to save themselves or don’t have the “honor” to do anything about it.

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