Repeat Fire Drill

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Repeat Fire Drill

Attention — in case you didn’t get the word, both the US. Inc. and USA, Inc. are bankrupt and in de facto receivership. They have been taken over by their bondholder/insurer, BlackRock, Inc., and can’t do anything at all, except through Mr. Trump’s Office as Commander in Chief, and so far as that goes, we have put an end to the Lieber Code and left him and the military responsible for their acts.

Read that— there are no competent corporations acting as “federal” service providers, so no corporation employees at the federal or franchise state-of-state levels. There is no Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and no Governor of the State of Ohio to take your gun rights away from you.

We, The United States of America, together with our Member States and People, are the only competent government left standing.

You may have noticed the disappearance of the Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations. They are folding their tents and going away. They never had any right to be here in the first place.

The same thing has to happen with the Territorial State of State organizations, which are also in the same position of folding their tents and going away or busily restructuring themselves. They have a very limited and defined right to be here, but not to function in the way they have been functioning.

As each new Truth Bomb hits, these organizations and their receivers are all having to adapt to new information and circumstance, at the same time they are dancing around trying to pull off the smokescreen of the coronavirus shut down.

The shut down has little to nothing to do with the Common Cold Virus that is doing its usual Flu Season thing, causing flu symptoms, and in many cases, pneumonia to one degree or another, which is sometimes followed by, yes, death.

Plain old coronavirus caused 61,000 deaths in the US in 2017. Covid 19 is a nothing burger by comparison, with or without all the panic and fear-mongering. That’s why the UK Government downgraded it this past week and recognized the fact that it is not a “High Consequence Infectious Disease”.

The only thing different is that Bill Gates and his Pal, Dr. Fauci, at the CDC, which is a private vaccine manufacturer, and others, colluded to create a more virulent, more infectious form of the Common Cold Virus — so more people get sick and more people die. They also colluded to create a vaccine for it, which they planned to trot out after a “plausible” amount of time, and foist off on the gullible public.

They planned for that “vaccine” to do double duty — actually infect anyone stupid enough to take it, and also deploy RFID chips in the vaccine, so they could ear-tag us like cattle without our knowledge or consent.

These men and anyone supporting them are criminals. They need to be arrested and charged, not paraded around at press conferences.

Now, if everyone would realize that the problem is the condition of the corporations tasked to be our governmental service providers, and, the long term criminal mismanagement thereof that has led to this impasse, we could get back to work without much further ado.

Why? Because the actual asset owners, the American States and People, are owed everything back by law, and we can then afford to hire whoever we want to provide governmental services going forward.

If Mr. Trump and Larry Fink would simply recognize the fact that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the CDC are on the make to try to bilk us out of hundreds of billions of dollars for “vaccines” against the Common Cold strain they developed and deliberately made more infectious– and arrest the rats instead of handing them money– we could get back to business.

Even if they won’t admit it and want to use the virus story as a smokescreen, it is long past time for the corporations including BlackRock, Inc., to realize the limitations of corporations, to stop messing around, talk to the actual asset owners, and get back to work.

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