3-hour recording on what is going on.


Yesterday’s Q&A was incredible and thanks to everyone who made it live or who has watched it since. Once again, full disclosure, I may very well have proven to you why I am truly the King of the Geeks!!

I’m so impressed with the care and attention that all of you put into the questions you asked!

The simple truth is that we are being asked to wake up, my friends!

This is the “Time of Times,” as the ancient prophecies prepared us for over so many thousands of years!

Here’s the replay link for the finale in the series so you can rejoin the adventure at any time.

We also did a group meditation at the end of the broadcast with over 25,000 of you!

Over the past few weeks, a terrific wealth of new information has been pouring in. And when it rains, it pours!

Even as the world has seemingly contracted and imploded in the external, visible sense, we are having quite the explosion and expansion in our inner dream landscape.

For me, this is uncharted territory… and I am thrilled by the entire process.

This adventure has been far more than what I could cover in the Docu-Series, even though the series itself is over 14 hours total of fresh and jaw-dropping content!

Now there’s even more that I want to cover with you.

This isn’t just information… it’s transformation and preparation to fast-track your entry into the first wave of ascension that now appears to be opening up.

I have been staying up late at night putting this together, sparing no expense of time, energy or intellectual resources to get you the love and wisdom you need.

Thousands of truth seekers from all over the world have already joined us. The videos have been viewed over 2.7 million times in just over a week…soon to cross 3 million!

In case you missed it, I want to make sure you see it today! There’s still time for you to join the Ascension Ground Crew for the Ascension Mystery School 20/20: The Great Awakening program and we also just added a payment plan because so many of you asked.

It’s important to focus on what you can control and especially during these times we all have the potential to make leaps of consciousness.

This is by far the most important body of work I’ve ever put together for you.

Now that we have hit certain benchmarks, I am “authorized” to see more of where this is going and how we will get there. It is truly a thrilling process.

When you join, you’ll be entering into a collective consciousness field that’s going to supercharge your awakening… as well as the awakening of the collective consciousness.

Here’s just a taste of what we’re going to journey through together:

  • Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences
  • The Pyramid Timeline, Pyramid Geometry and Spiritual Hero’s Journey
  • The Galactic Logos, Christ Consciousness and the Holographic Universe
  • The ‘Corona’ and its Symbolic Role in the Ascension Process
  • The “Cosmic Dark Night of the Soul” — What it Means and How to Master It
  • How to Speak to Your Soul
  • Ascension Prophecies in the Law of One and Corroborating Texts
  • Contact with The Watchers, Elders, and Great Spiritual Avatars
  • Contact with Your Soul’s Purpose/Destiny, Clearing Your Karma, Embracing Light
  • And a whole lot more, which you can learn about here.

In addition you’ll get weekly assignments to accelerate the speed of your growth, and I’ll be doing TWO live Q&A sessions for you if you promise to be good and do your weekly homework assignments.

Elizabeth is offering bonus training as well. She’s definitely tapped into the changes we are all living through, as we see the rise of the Divine Feminine consciousness!

There are also a variety of colleagues of mine, who we are bringing on as guest faculty, who have the “DNA Codes” to be conveying powerful realizations at this time.

Get the popcorn and the meditation pillow!

You will laugh, cry and may soon be reborn as you move through the Great Awakening!

You can join us here, and I sincerely hope you do.

In gratitude and light,

David Wilcock

P.S. This program is NOT for everybody…

Who it is for?

Those who relate to this idea of the Spiritual Hero (or Heroine) Journey. (Not to be confused with a heroin journey, which I would highly encourage you to avoid…)

Before we go all the way to the light, we’ve got to descend into the cave and slay the dragon, so to speak.

This is far more literal now than most of us may even have realized! We are in it to win it. Are you with me?

This show is dedicated to you, the Dragon Slayer… and to all of those Light Bearers who felt the call before they even got here to this old rock.

We were crazy enough to volunteer for this, and now it’s time to put on your game face!

If you are ready to take our relationship to the next level, don’t miss this. You can join us here.


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