Are We Stupid? Really?

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Are We Stupid? Really?

On any given year, the death toll from plain, old Common Cold Influenza Corona Virus is between 30,000 and 90,000. Thus far, we can’t prove that “Covid 19” exists.

There’s no test for it as a separate strain. All the normal influenza deaths are being “counted” as “Covid-19”. And thus far, even for normal flu, it’s a low score year. All this hysteria over “Covid 19” is bunk. Pure, ginned-up, 100% bunk. There is no statistical uptick in general influenza deaths to even suggest that “Covid-19” as a separate strain of influenza is having any effect at all on the number of deaths from influenza in America. Period.

Gentlemen, have we all heard that loud and clear?

There is an illness presenting symptoms akin to altitude sickness, but it’s not pneumonia and it doesn’t strongly present as influenza, either. It presents as radio frequency radiation sickness. Uh-duh. And it is following the path of the 5G grid being powered up. Uh-duh. And the solution? To turn off and/or power down the 5G grid to well-below 60 MHz.
Now let’s take another test.

There are three jurisdictions —- air, land, and sea.
You fellows are dead broke, bankrupt in two of those jurisdictions.

Question? What jurisdiction remains, where there is an unimaginable amount of assets and credit that we have claimed?

Oh, the land.

But you can’t claim any of the land or its assets, because they don’t belong to you and don’t belong in your jurisdiction.

So the people of this country who are the lawful owners of all those assets and all that credit, have come forward and claimed back our land jurisdiction assets all by ourselves.

Our erstwhile employees need to get their heads screwed on and submit to the civilian government of this country — The United States of America, the Unincorporated version.

The States of the Union are in Session. Figure it out.

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