Corona is a virus of removing the “Crowns”

Alosha Lynoff<>

This vitally important period can just pass us by whilst most of the folk out there do not make any meaningful conclusions.

Together with Zoya during the apogee of pandemia, a day before a 21 locked down for quarantine, we travelled over to our friends permaculture farm in the mountains. The best choice we have ever made.

Just a week ago we were sucked in to fear driven addictive media and conspiracy unbacked information about covid 19…

But alas now for the last 7 days we have been living on the land without running water, electricity, using candles in the evenings, cooking on the fire and washing ourselves in a cold mountain lake.

We have cleansed and peeled off the “benign sticky comforts” of civilisation.

This has not been just a”game” to live a different way but rather a practice trial run learning to integrate us into our natural surrounding environment. This has been a much-awaited dream of ours to live in nature.

It’s been a magical experience and incredible time. The freaking out, the lockdowns, mad panic attacks are all so far removed from our current reality.

It feels to us that we are not just far away in the mountains under an open sky, but rather like we are on a completely different planet.

Sacred and magical world filled with inner peace and deep care. Spending time reading some great books (Making small farms work and Bio Integrated farm), washing our clothes in cold water for meditation, eating together with other community members, daily morning walks to harvest fire wood and just celebrating life…

All our actions are filled with gentle sacral feelings of love and care for each other. Reading of books has become not some search for information but deep connections with the authors that wrote them. There has never been anyone who has obscured our way of living like this on the land and feeling all of this cosmic beauty.

For some of us the Virus is an invitation to join a new world of integrating into the natural environment where you drink spring water, eat living organic produce grown by the loving hands and for others the Virus could just keep you stuck in escaping your life watching Netflix.

This paramount time can be used as a great catapult to turn your life 180 degrees towards soaring & thriving opportunities. A life where you reach incredible levels of joy as you never return to old ways.

We are not just naive dreamers, but are practical hands on DIYers and inventors who are brave enough to be fully integrated into the dialogue with our Earth.

We see amazing times which are ahead of us all, which hold co-creation, co-building, co-inventing and collaboratively manifesting awesome creativity.

As most airports are closed at the moment we invite you to take a steady seat in your own cockpit and take charge of your yoke / steering wheel as our planes move us towards our new reality which can never be shut down by anyone.

We invite you to take this time to open up, dropping all ideas of civilisation developments and through the ashes of released “Crowns” and fake screens together with poisoned by our sick self worth issues we reach for great heights, a crystal sparkling reality of self-sufficiency and true thriving sustainability..

Food shelter and water are at the basis of all life.

As soon as borders open Zoya and I are swiftly flying off to Russia and to start up our food forest garden and a ceramic + inventors craftsman studio.

We invite you to build this real new reality together with your own hands

Getting stuck watching Netflix or fear-driven mass media will most definitely not bring any positive change upon the completion of quarantine.

Start learning self sufficient skills and build your new life. Our full water self-sufficiency and eco-home building online video course is 99 bucks.

Stay Safe, Alosha and Zoya

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