Justinian Deception

James Wallerstedt<jw.new.world@gmail.com>

When I read the name “Justinian”, I figured that involved the same criminal who outlawed the original Christian teachings on reincarnation (in pre-325ad Christian texts as the “Book of Origen”). Some quick research confirmed that. See https://reluctant-messenger.com/reincarnation-pope.htm.

Two centuries earlier before Justinian outlawed teachings on reincarnation and created the legal “Justinian deception,” Constantine – first Pope (Pontiff) and Emperor at the time – had established “his version of Christianity” as the new official religion of Rome by convening the council of Nicea in 325ad. What came out of Nicea

a) Nicea abrogated the centrality of “karmic principle” in the teachings of y’Shua (“As a man soweth, so shall he also reap”) substituting Emperor-church controlled policy (“The doctrine of Vicarious Atonement”). This, involving a concept y’Shua certainly did not teach, namely, “Thou shall go to Hell unless ‘saved’ by church ceremonies.”

b) yShua never said, “Render unto Caesar that which is of Caesar” but, to the contrary, consistently made a point of not recognizing corrupt authority – the primary reason he was killed – illustrated by the incident of tipping over money tables at the temple.

Imagine how different the practice of Christianity might’ve been the past 1700 years had Constantine and Justinian’s “Official Word of God biblical adjustments” not taken hold.

We would not have had Mexican drug lords donating to the pedophiles and closet Satanists running their local Catholic church – after decapitating a dozen rivals over turf wars – to reinstate their “salvation” (rinse-repeat as needed). Nor, for that matter, would we have those in the US military – our planet’s Roman Legions of the post-WWII era – involved in all kinds of devilry both above (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya) and below (DUMBS) ground, doing so believing “everyone’s a sinner anyway” and, since there’s no such thing as karma (sowing as you reap) attending Sunday service, dropping a token of their war proceeds in the basket to fix everything. There might not be anything their supposed Mentor ever promoted.

For eight years, I was a reader of a closed circulation message series said to be the most complete info ever given a group of humans on reincarnation topics. While no one can ever prove whether or not that’s true, the series involved 320 messages amounting to approx. 26,000 pages total, and nearly 10,000 current-past life matches.

I mention this as a pretext to saying that Constantine – first Pontiff who, incidentally, had an ex-wife boiled to death and his eldest son poisoned – was said to have reincarnated in our era as…Jimmy Saville. Yup. Bernie Madoff was identified both as a reincarnation both of Caligula and King George, the British king the American Revolution was meant to break free from (he being a Satanist both as Constantine and as King George, as are the Windsors still).

Here are a few other tidbits from that series. Al Gore was ID’d as a reincarnation of General Gage, the British general in charge of keeping a lid on revolutionary Boston and New England. Bill Gates was ID’d as the reincarnation of Lord Cornwallis. Yup. Bill Clinton was ID’d as a reincarnation of a British colonial governor (Pennslysvania, I believe). Amazing stuff.

As for where the current versions are of those we’d instead want to see in power – eg: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison – you might visit this page on my New-Energy-Declaration.net site for clues.

Judge Anna and researchers learning that the IRS – under papal control – is using the law of the Spanish Inquisition is fitting. The Roman emperors were feeding Christians to the lions for the first three centuries after yShua’s death, which stopped abruptly post-325ad upon the corrupt “new rules” taking effect, enforced as law by the Emperor-Pontiff.

The toughie for Christians to come to terms with is that the only form of their religion that’s ever been practiced openly was crafted and cemented in place by individuals who were apex criminals and Satanists. The Vatican, the Jesuits, and the popes (Black and White) being the most profound and dangerous Satanists on the planet are not new. That’s the way it’s been for the past 17 centuries and “the Reformation” was only able to moderately improve on that foundation. What’s needed instead, is a clean break, and a new foundation.


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