“So It Was a Hoax?” – Fox News’ John Roberts Caught on Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19

“. . . puts it right in line with the flue.”

John Roberts, the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News, was recorded on a hot mic in the White House briefing room, telling a technician he could take off his mask, because USC and LA County Health Department released a study that found the mortality rate for COVID-19 is the same as for seasonal flu.  The technician concluded; “So, it was a hoax?  Roberts replied: “No, I don’t think it was a hoax.” The nervous laughter that follows did not come from Roberts but from someone else in the room, probably the technician, although, if you examine the video carefully, you will see that there are people in their seats waiting for the press conference to begin. John Roberts asked Dr. Birx about this California study during the press briefing, but she dodged his question completely.


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