Godly origin, fertilization on or about . . .


Home Phone . . . Work Phone . . . Cell Phone . . .

Affiant, being first duly sworn, disposes and says from his personal knowledge, that:

I am a non-citizen People, not a U.S. Citizen, nor a United States Citizen et al, nor a subject of any Corporation.  I was defrauded of status after being born  ( Month, Day, Year )  thus all agreements and signatures by my hand seeming to agree otherwise are null and void “ab initio, nun pro tunc”.

As of this date and the autograph below,  ( your true name here )  is my true autograph by my hand under copyright/patent, conceived by  ( father’s name ) and ( mothers name ) in  ( city or town and state )  at the  ( name of the hospital )  .

By my words and my autograph below, I reclaim now my status and competency.

Under penalty of perjury, I swear that this statement is true and correct to the best of my ability.

By:     ( name, thumbprint, photo )


Notarized and Witnesses by two witnesses.




by Robert-dean:House

1. The Title.

Via David-Winn:Miller and Russel-Jay:Gould, is proper syntx writing and according to the Chicago Manuel of Styles page 665, 11.128 and 666, also via Romley-stewart, this is a properly written GLOSSES in American Sign Language. Affidavit is a word of the DeFacto and is used here, in parentheses, via David-Winn:Miller, which means that it is not truly there and is used in the DeFacto to get it placed into their controlled Public Records under Affidavits. It is truly a Statement created by its creator and sworn to as being true. It is a true claim of one’s very existence in the flesh. The proper use of all caps has no blank spaces.

2. Name.

Per Romley-stewart, the Christen given birth name from the mother and father distinguished with the hyphen as proper writing, meant to be all one word thus no capital on stewart.   The last name, sir name, is separated by the colon and is often handed down through generations and often misinterpreted by Corporations.

3. Godly origin.

Per Kirt Kallenbauch, your true creation was during fertilization on or about nine months prior to your birth. This is logical and is why this document supersedes all others seeming to be or claiming to be the real person in the flesh.

4. Address.

Per Shinola 101 and 102, was created by the Corporations as a conveyance to deliver mail and was normally only a mailing address on a mail reciprocal box.  And no one lives in a mailbox.  Thus, the c/o, in care of, then the rest of the address with the zip code in parentheses, (   ), and per David-Winn:Miller, anything in parentheses is not really there and also that that number is a Corporate copyright number assigned to a geographical location.   You can not put a claim to it.

5. Phone number.

A Corporate ten-digit number assigned to customers under contract to do business.          A means to contact the Fleshly Person.

6. Underlining.

Per Romley-stewart, underlining is improper and not used and anything boxed is a sign.


The real flesh person above, center and below, swears to have personal knowledge.

8. I am.

Per the bible, the Lord said he has a name and that name is, “I am”.  A non-citizen people is a claim of not being a citizen as defined by a corporation and being a people as the Lord calls man created in his image as his people.  Not a U.S. or United States Citizen or any other deceitful way they may print it

for profit. It is recognized and stated that the fraud of being enslaved after birth and all agreements and signatures before this Claim-of-life are claimed to be null and void from the day the fraud was created.

Ab initio, Latin for, “from the beginning” and non pro tunc, Latin for, “now for then”.

9. As of this date.

The proper written name is the autograph in one’s own handwriting and is the claimed trademark under the now claimed copyright and patent.  This is Self Governance.  One need not seek a corporation to do this in his/her stead.  Conceived, “formed in the womb”, claimed by the mother and father in actual space, time and location.

10. By my words.

Per Roman Cannon Law, reclaiming one’s status and competency under autograph.         A signature per Romley-stewart, is written in cursive, “running hand”, or curse, “to utter a wish of evil.

11. Under penalty of perjury.

I swear, not to anyone or anything in particular but to the truth as we know it with no fear of perjuring one’s self.

12. By.

The proper written and resent claimed Autograph of the AFFIANT, as the one making the Statement.

13. Notary.

A witness of the Corporation approved by the Corporation. They will always stamp their sign in a box form; per Romley-stewart.

14. Witnesses.

As per the Bible, The two witnesses, for confirmation.

15. Thumb prints.

No thumb print is alike under flesh and blood and is usually used in blood which we simulate with red ink. The blood was also recognized as having the very existence for the flesh known as DNA.  No flesh and blood person is the same.

16. Photo.

A Character image of the flesh and blood person writing the Statement.

17. Corporate acceptance.

When the document statement is placed into the public record with the Clerk of Court and a Certified Copy is requested, the Corporation is accepting the document and recognizing it.  The certification stamp is that of the Corporate State.

This Claim-of-Life, under Self Governance, is one’s Passport, Right to Travel, Identification Card, Payment for Public Services, Right to own Property, and many more things to the Flesh and Blood Free Man / Woman.


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