Hurricane Charly

The amnesty given to unincorporated businesses.  by Robert-dean:House
After the 2004 devastation of Charly in S.W. Florida, I was in the tree business as a tree relocation service also as an unincorporated independent contractor under common law.  This meant that under Fl. statute 489.103 (6), the last sentence states, “This subsection does not limit the exemption provided in subsection (7)”, and subsection (7) (a), ” Owners of property when acting as their own contractor and providing direct, onsite supervision themselves of all work not performed by licensed contractors”.  However, there are no statutes under common law.
Therefore it was lawful for me to help the property owner clean up after the devastation under a two party contract.  Lots of people were doing this very thing as they should have been doing for each other.  Many of which went out and bought new vehicles and equipment to look more professional and competent and many came from outside of the State to help. Lots of people who were working for incorporated companies went out on their own while waiting for their companies to restart.
Thus, became a State that quickly recovered from the disaster thanks to the unincorporated independent contractors.   However, Governor Jeb Bush at the time, owned a contracting corporation in central Florida for which he had assigned all contracts of clean up, to.  He also gave a phone number out to contact his foreman to anyone who wanted to help.  What he didn’t say was that you could only get phone contact with a secretary who kept putting you off until you gave up.
After all was clear and life got back to normal the State had called together all unincorporated independent contractors under an amnesty program giving them the opportunity to incorporate with no penalties or fees if applied for by a specific date.
I, along with some friend got in line to register.  As I listened to what they were saying and going to do I stepped up for my turn and asked the agent about the benefits of registering.  In a nut shell, he stated so the State had control in protection of the people to whom you provided services to.  I got out of line and told my friends that I did not need to give consent to anyone to oversee my business under a two party contract with a member of the community.
Today, I listen to the radio station 104.9 and hear how they, the D.J.’s are talking about how we snapped back after the all clear was given for Charly and that we will do the same thing after covid19 / coronavirus all clear.
Back then there was a real natural disaster and today is a man made belief of one.  The State took such a disaster to its advantage.  I wonder what advantage the State is going to get out of this man made propaganda?  More restraints on businesses, more taxes, etc.  What ever the outcome, the people who are incorporated are going to get more chipped away from their labor and time which will be designed to put them into more debt with new rules, codes, statutes, regulations, etc. of the beast system.
My suggestion to you.  GET OUT.  To all owners of businesses, declare your status as a non-citizen of the corporation and declare your right to be an unincorporated independent contractor, business owner, etc. and run your business without the controls of a third party, (corporate government), at the vary least, give it some thought.
If you own the building and are operating a restaurant, as long as you were clean and offered good services and product you should not have to worry about the peoples support or being regulated by a third party.   You are currently being regulated because you are a citizen under said corporation and you are giving them consent to regulate you and yours under privileges granted to you by them.
Your choice, get out of Babylon and live, or stay and die.
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