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Demons on Display

by Justice Anna von Reitz . Demons on Display Last night they came in vast masses, dark forms of fear, trying to intimidate, trying to threaten, trying to terrify.  They came and they attempted to prey upon us, but we … Continue reading

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88 Simple Truths About the Virus, the Pandemic and Everything in Between

The coronavirus outbreak began just before January. 2020. It feels like a long time ago. Here are 88 simple truths about the virus, the pandemic, and everything in between – to briefly outline and summarize the wild ride we’ve been … Continue reading

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Coming to a Theater near you

Coming to a Theater near you. by Robert-dean:House . This investigation is based on my investigation of two videos posted on this site, “I got this Wrong..” by High Impact Hogs and “You’re under house arrest…” by Butterfly of the … Continue reading

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