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Your Economic Impact Payment Has Arrived | By Robert-dean:House
They put the payment into my account via direct deposit on April 29th.  By all rights, assuming you have rights, which are forfeited as a citizen, anyone can gift money to your account if they have your account number.  Had I gotten the letter of notice first, before the funds, I would have made another decision.
On May 17th, Sunday, I got Saturday’s mail.  I received from the, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Services, Austin, Tx. 73301-0003, a Notice 1444 (EN-SP).  See attached.  It also has RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED written in all caps bold print.  And it was addressed to the fictitious character, ROBERT D. HOUSE.
What they are telling me on this envelope is:
1.  The Dep. of Treasury is part of the Internal Revenue Service which we already knew, but the Internal Revenue Service is a voluntary and fictitious corporation out of Porto Rico.
2.   And the return service requested is just that, they require you to return some sort of response otherwise Tacit Consent is assumed.
3.  Thus, the all caps name is placing the addressee as the strawman or Fictitious Character Citizen under your consent if you fail to reply.
4.  The postage, of course has no date under it and under the addressee is a bar code identifying the addressee. All this above is Mail Fraud.
This is just what Anna has been saying but then, she nor I could tell what and how they were going to pull off this fraud.  After I received another copy of the letter inside and identified more fraud, I marked the object as, “Return to Sender, No Such Fictitious Character” and on the back I wrote, “No Tacit Consent”; “Gifts Welcome”.

RE: Impact Payment letter | by Robert-dean:House

Top center of the letter is, THE WHITE HOUSE, and just under that, centered, is, WASHINGTON.

All caps is a Corporation under a fictitious name, (character). Could this be the new Corporation created from the May 16th 90 day bankruptcy? Which WASHINGTON?

NOTICE DATE and NOTICE NUMBER also all caps, meaning fictitious.

To the left of that is a 21 digit number above an all caps fictitious character name which is above a corporate assigned address, which is represented by their bar code below it. This means that they are contracting with the Strawman entity. Should you not correct this you are giving tacit consent.

Your Economic Impact Payment Has Arrived

Your, three listed definitions are, but not limited to;

1. Belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing. (In this document it is the referred to person until it is corrected).

2. Belonging to or associated with any person in general.

3. Used when addressing the holder of certain titles.

The above depends on what definition they are using and most often when in fraud they will refer to the person of the corporation.

Person under Blacks Law 4th Ed., “Term may include artificial being, as corporation”. So be assured, this is the one they are referring to.

My Fellow American

Fellow, three listed definitions are, but not limited to,

1. A man or boy.

2. A person in the same position, involved in the same activity. Or otherwise associated with.

3. A member of a learned society.

Since we can logicality conclude that this letter is a contract being written in behalf of a corporation to a corporate entity, be it known, I am not a fellow of your corporation.

Lawfully, this would be more than far enough to determine the fraud of this contract but I do wish to continue on to the bottom of this document, his signature.

President Donald J. Trump. CEO of the new corporation which is not yet determined for sure. Could be of the Department of the Treasury or THE WHITE HOUSE, and/or a number of titles. It is signed in the cursive language which is used by corporation vs. autograph of a mortal man.

Now the extra kicker.

“For more information on your Economic Impact Payment, please visit or call 800-919-9835”.

The IRS is not the same corporation as the Internal Revenue Service for which the return address is from. These are two separate corporate entities.


If you think you do not need to correct this contract, then don’t. But remember, you have no rights as a corporate citizen under contract. Otherwise, Since you received the funds before the letter, as in this situation, you must somehow respond or can be assumed under tacit consent a citizen of the corporation for which this contract is placing you. I sent the document return to sender. If you have opened it, you need to do a short letter, in writing, and under affidavit form identifying the fraud and thanking them for the gift of the funds. You may use my lawful finding above even though they are not the only ones. The body of the letter is full of the fraud of a Usurped Corporate Government.

And try to see this, That measly $1,200.00 or what ever you got, is going to be quickly taken away by all the high prices that you are now going to pay in the market. Do you really think they gave it to you to help you? What is the price for a soul under corporate rule or order?

Also remember, if you were to do an Affidavit statement of claim of life, it states in it that ALL agreements and signatures by my hand seeming to agree otherwise are null and void.

For an example of the affidavit, go to,, public records and place my name, House, Robert in the boxes, there you will find mine. Feel free to use it as a template for yours.

WARNING: Do not attempt to take legal action as a citizen of the corporation.


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