(by Jaro)
Today I went to challenge the governor-king and his lackey, the municipal corporation known as the CITY OF HUNTINGTON BEACH.

There were signs that the beach is closed and their website said that it was closed by a vote of city council members. That’s in addition to the governor’s order to close the beaches in Cali on the 4th of July. On a beach, first, a lifeguard approached me and told me that the beach is closed and I should leave. I told him I’m not going to and that he can call the cops.

Cops arrived a few minutes later, and at first were playing nice, trying to convince me to leave voluntarily. They also told me that today they dealt with several dozen violators, who ALL did as TOLD and left without getting a ticket.

I told them I’m NOT leaving. They even offered me to stay 5 minutes before they issue a citation. I told them I’m not leaving so they can give me a ticket right now. So I was gonna be the FIRST one and the ONLY one who got one.

They called for reinforcements so there were 4 or 5 of them involved. I told them I think that only city RESIDENTS are subject to city codes, but they were convinced that EVERYONE in the city is subject to their muni code.

So they gave me a ticket for violating their code 13.08.350 (B) MC, for $125. Cool, that’s quite CHEAP, less than most traffic tickets. So even if I lose, the experience of challenging the MATRIX code will be worth it.

The only real disagreement we had was that they would NOT accept that my ZIP code is 00000. They put in the ticket the real ZIP code of the corporate CITY that I live in, even though I had no gov’t ID saying that.

So the first move will be returning the ticket (Refused for cause), because of the incorrect ZIP code. I hope they correct that and send it back to me so that I can then challenge the jurisdiction of their muni corporation as a NONRESIDENT.

I’d be disappointed if they didn’t since I don’t want them to dismiss this before I take on their muni corp. and its jurisdiction.

Oh, and they told me after getting the ticket I must leave, else I’ll be arrested for a criminal misdemeanor. So I did since at this point I’m not quite ready to get arrested fighting for SHEEPLE’s rights. Fighting the ticket will suffice for now.

So considering that I was the only patriot challenging the governor-king in H.B. today, does that mean that all the fireworks there were in my honor? 🙂

So I got fined for “Failure to comply with closure”.

BTW, they were quite nosy, wanted to know my height, weight, and phone #, so I told them ‘None of your business’, so they had to fill some of those by guessing.

Here’s the ticket:


And here’s a video of how it began:


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