100% Positive?

by Justice Anna von Reitz

100% Positive?

Get a clue. They can’t even prove that a separate virus called “Covid 19” exists.

So they can’t prove that “Covid 19” causes any particular special or worse form of the Common Cold, either.

Yet, everyone tested comes back “positive” as having “Covid 19” — ?

Pretty good trick, no? You tested positive for an imaginary disease.

Why not call it Blue Unicorn Disease? Then they could test for Blue Unicorns.

It’s not hard to understand. Everyone, and I do mean, everyone, has had the Common Cold at some time in their life.

And that is what the Corona virus is. The Common Cold. So of course, we all “test positive” for corona virus antibodies. Ya think?

The whackjob idiots “declared war” on the Common Cold, just like they “declared war” on poverty, on drugs, and on God only knows what else, so that they could carry on a perpetual “war” on our shores, to our detriment.

And lots more whackjob idiots have fallen for it and put up with this $@%@#$ because they “believe” this crap.

Well, stop believing.

Believe Mike Pompeo when he called it a “live exercise”.

Exercise. Drill. Like a Fire Drill in Grade School. Nasty little Tony Fauci and even nastier Bill Gates and George Soros pulled the Fire Alarm.

But there’s no fire—except in your mind—-because you’ve been lied to by “authorities” you trusted.

So now Mr. Trump is in a hard spot. If he admits being duped, he looks like an incompetent fool who bought the lies of an “intelligence community” that hates his guts because he actually has tried to drain their swamp.

But if he doesn’t come clean, the Swamp wins. Double or nothing.

Anyone with brains enough to figure out a Third Option? A solution that doesn’t involve yet another war?

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