McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt?

by Justice Anna von Reitz

McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt?

Lots of rumors flying today because President Trump replaced Bush and Clinton portraits with McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt portraits in the Oval Office.

But McKinley and Roosevelt were also corrupt– just in a different way.

McKinley stopped people from exchanging silver for gold and gold for silver. How stilted and unnatural and unconstitutional is that? The States trade in gold and silver, as clearly shown in the Constitution and in the original Coinage Acts.

McKinley was acting as the CEO, aka, “President” of the original Scottish Interloper as it prepared to go bankrupt and sail over the horizon with our gold rat-holed in the Philippines being used as credit for the monsters who plotted the 1868 substitution of a Scottish Commercial Corporation for our lawful Government.

Makes me sick. McKinley was probably assassinated for doing it and well he might have been, because thanks to the earlier actions of the same Perpetrators, we had no gold left in Fort Knox or elsewhere, and the limitation to the Gold Standard he imposed left us as de facto Paupers, unable to pay our bills.

First, they stole our gold reserves and transported them to the Philippines without our knowledge or consent, then they demanded that all bills be paid in gold, knowing that we would have no gold available and wouldn’t be able to pay, or would have to pay out vast sums of silver or land or other assets to obtain gold, while these Vermin sat on our gold and pretended that they were our Agents.

They are trying to do the same thing right now, which is perhaps why Mr. Trump has changed the decor.

Still think it’s such a great thing to venerate McKinley and the Scottish Bastards who worked this entire Great Fraud Scheme against our great-grandparents and then just continued it for multiple more rounds of theft, racketeering, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, personage and barratry on our shores?

And Teddy was just as bad as FDR, just bent a different way.

Teddy Roosevelt is the one who set up the first National Conservation Policy, which basically tied up American Natural Resources and kept them from development, or as he summed it up, “Force everyone else to sell us their resources for pennies on the dollar, while we keep our own resources locked up for a rainy day.”

Oh, and did we mention? Benefit his cronies because these policies made the Robber Baron assets more valuable and undercut their would-be competitors.

No, I am afraid there have been no choir boys among the Presidents and if Mr. Trump needs to hang portraits of great men in the Oval Office, he will have to make a far more diligent search.

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