One Last Try

by Justice Anna von Reitz

One Last Try

This is addressed to all of those who think that they don’t have to declare their political status—-and who teach others the same.

Most of the men doing this are veterans.

So I’ve got a simple question for Gene Pringle and Ron Gibson and David Straight and all the others who are saying that you don’t have to declare your political status and record it:

When you were in the service and a sentry challenged you—- did you have to declare yourself? Yes or no?

And if you didn’t declare yourself did that sentry have every right to either arrest you or shoot you on the spot?

I think it is clear enough why we need to declare and record our political status—- especially when you realize that “war” has been permanently and deliberately engendered on our soil and that we Americans have been deliberately misidentified as enemy combatants.

Anyone who thinks that they can walk into a federal installation, building or encampment— a VA Hospital, for example, and do whatever they please, is in for a terribly tough awakening.

I make this final plea to all these men to use their common sense, their military experience, and the known results that others have suffered to inform their actions now

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