Another News Flash —

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Another News Flash —

We have 185,000 Municipal corporations operating in our States and all of them are here illegally and in violation of The Constitution of the United States.

And both the Popes and the British Monarchs knew this and allowed and promoted it anyway.

Now that all the deceits and frauds and cover-ups have been dragged out into the light —-and justice and correction is being demanded by the American States and People— what is their reply?

After milking and bilking our country for 150 years, after using our men and women as cheap mercenaries and gun fodder, after stealing our natural resources to enrich themselves for over 150 years—– they are funding a fake insurrection and trying to pretend that this uproar is being spontaneously created by black people in America.

How convenient.

They blame it on their victims.

They blame the phony “insurrection” on paid rioters and use this as an excuse to invade our country, but the truth is inevitable — and known.

There are 185,000 illegally constructed Municipal corporations that need to be liquidated or otherwise returned to proper management in this country. This is true and it will remain true no matter what.

No matter how they kick and scream, the facts are the facts.

The Municipalities and Boroughs and UN Corp holdings are all here illegally and they all need to be returned to The United States of America —- our unincorporated Federation of States, as part of the recompense owed.

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