Antifa is a False Flag — A Message for Pope Francis

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Antifa is a False Flag — A Message for Pope Francis

The airwaves are ablaze with warnings — large shipments of automatic weapons delivered to Antifa in Portland and elsewhere, Mexican armored vehicles and drug cartels massed on our Southern border, etc.

If Antifa is used as the “cause” of the nastiness, it can’t be called a “Civil War” and the Pope and his henchmen can’t be blamed for what comes after.

So they think. They will be blamed. They will pay for their sins. And not just by dying in the flesh.

For men who are so deceitful and who have so much practice in diabolical reasoning, they really aren’t at all creative. They are trying to pull here what they pull in Banana Republics all over the world to create a change of government — and merely to save their own necks.

But it isn’t going to work this time.

This time, Gideon’s Army is present.

This time, the lies are all known.

Ask yourselves how, despite the CIA, the DIA, DARPA, the National Laboratories, NSA, Homeland Security, DHS, FBI, and Lord only knows how many other “security agencies” —– that large quantities of weapons could be delivered to Antifa in Portland or anywhere else in this country without those shipments being stopped?

Of course, it is an Inside Job. Of course, it is being expedited, planned, and carried out by the joint efforts of both the Municipal and Territorial Subcontractors that don’t even have any right to be on our soil apart from their “service obligations”.

Of course, the Pope is sitting there like a spider in his web, doing nothing but promote the situation and planning to create enough of a mess to validate the bloodbath they are promoting as cover for their own guilt.

But this time we know who and what the Enemy is. This time the facts are exposed and the perpetrators are known and they will not escape the fury of the Primal Creator.

A different kind of VAXX is coming for them. Poetic justice.

Of course, “the” UN, like “the” US is nothing but a front for corporations “acting as” governments.

You see, they really aren’t very bright. They find a one-trick pony and ride it until it drops.

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