News Flash — from 1907

by Justice Anna von Reitz

News Flash — from 1907

I am forever amazed by the way the enemies of all free people everywhere bury news and burn books, which amounts to my appreciation for how circumscribed, controlled, gutless, and generally incompetent journalists and the defenders of public — as in “publicly funded” — education actually are.

If they weren’t all of the above and more, we wouldn’t have this situation in this country or anywhere else in the world. The Fourth Estate is more like the Fourth Little Whorehouse in Texas and the Educators stand in sore need to be educated, with or without public funding.

Case in point: there are no “Fourteenth Amendment citizens” and there haven’t been since 1907.

Lawfully, the only Municipal citizenry there is or has ever been, consists of the Municipal elements of the Federal Civil Service and their dependents, members of the Congress, and those born in the Municipality of Washington, DC.

In 1868, a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely calling itself “The United States of America” — Incorporated, infringed upon our Good Name and trademarks and deliberately sought to confuse itself with our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

As part and parcel of this fraud scheme, they published a new “constitution” and called it “The Constitution of the United States of America” — which should have been called “The Constitution of the United States of America, Incorporated”.

This promoted confusion between their corporate “constitution” and the actual Territorial Constitution (1789).

One must realize that the word “constitution” is a generic term for an agreement involving debt.

The debt related to the actual Territorial Constitution of 1789 is the debt owed by the States for services provided by the Territorial subcontractors.

The debt related to the phony 1868 look-alike “constitution” amounted to war reparations owed to the Territorial Government and its Northern business partners by the Southerners and the Municipal citizens that sided with the South.

The 1789 Constitution is a trust indenture, a treaty, and a service contract between Principals implementing the terms of the treaties ending The War of Independence.

The 1868 “Constitution” is a deceptive Articles of Incorporation for a British-based commercial corporation intent on collecting war reparations.

The perpetrators promptly created new By-Laws to their foreign charter, misrepresented these corporate By-Laws as “Amendments” and passed the 14th Amendment.

We have since proven that no such Amendment, or any Amendment after the 13th, was ratified by the actual States of the Union.

The 14th Amendment conferred Municipal citizenship on freed black plantation slaves and other “colored persons” without their knowledge or consent and made them liable for the war reparations.

In other words, the vermin freed the plantation slaves with one hand, and enslaved them again with the other. They abolished private slave ownership at the same time they institutionalized public slave ownership.

They transferred this very valuable “human commodity” to their own benefit and taxed these innocent people and seized their estates and private assets– including the value of their labor– as collateral backing their own debts. Over time, they schemed to do the same thing to all of us.

They re-defined the meaning of “colored person” to include “people of color” in the same sense as “color of law” — that is, “persons” in other words, and redefined “person” to mean “corporation”, and embraced the concept of “White Negroes”, too, in their effort to enslave living people and to seize upon their assets as collateral backing government debts.

No more vile, lawless, unconscionable, or venal scheme has ever been hatched.

But in 1906-07 the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt, taking it’s corporate charter, the phony “constitution”, and its “Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States” with it.

Now, it’s all over except the Fat Lady singing. There is no “Fourteenth Amendment” pertaining to any American and never has been. No Sixteenth Amendment, either.

The entire set up was a confidence racket and fraud scheme, and the nastiness promoted by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration as The New Deal was even worse and more insidious.

Officially, the New Deal only applied to Municipal Civil Servants — a tiny number of people, but by skillful word-smithing and deliberate omissions and disinformation campaigns, FDR was able to make false commercial claims of ownership against the American people and enabled to “take title” to vast amounts of American resources. Take a close look at the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the suffering it inflicted.

They think they are going to get away with it, again, too. This is the source of the orders that American farmers received this spring, telling them to destroy their crops in the field.

The Vermin now imagine that they are going to “re-up” their false claims of ownership against Americans by buying “donated” DNA (see Larry Fink’s efforts to buy and by injecting patented RNA vaccines “mandated” by the Municipal Government (but only applicable to actual Municipal citizens) — which will change the victim’s natural DNA matrix and create a “new” product owned by the patent holders.

LOL. So they say.

Larry Fink needs a court order dissolving Black Rock, Inc. for crimes against humanity, and Bill Gates needs the same done to him.

All those who continue to promote slavery of any kind in a world where slavery has been officially abolished since 1926 need their rumps cut off and handed to them.

And all the numbnutz local honchos who think that they have the authority to impose or presume “Municipal citizenship” upon anyone or to mandate vaccinations or force medical procedures or mask mandates on Americans need to know otherwise.

They need to get the news circa 1907: there are no “Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States” to presume upon.

Come to that, there was no actual Fourteenth Amendment. And no authority for any Municipal Government to operate outside the one-mile square apportioned to the Municipal Government in the District of Columbia. Ever.

So, now it’s time to dump all of this on Pope’s lap, or maybe over his head.

He owns/controls the Municipal Government directly. He owns/controls the Territorial Government indirectly. It’s time his position was fully exposed to the light of day and that he is held accountable for promoting any misadministration or violence on our shores.

The Pope has the right to liquidate any corporation on Earth, because all corporations have been defined and created by the Roman Curia.

It’s time that we rack ’em and stack ’em.

It’s time to put an end to the corporations that have been complicit in these outrageous schemes to “own” DNA and make claims to own living people as a result of things like genetic additives to vaccines and seizure of “donated” genetic materials.

If we let this go on, we’ll have thieves haunting public bathrooms and stealing used nose rags— then claiming to own the people that “donated” the nose rags. It has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now.

It’s time to make an example of Black Rock, Inc., and Bill Gates, and Wellcome Trust and the Councils of Government and WHO and the CDC and NIH— and if the Pope and the Roman Curia won’t do their job, it’s time that all the rest of us did it “for” them, just like they did all this “for” us and in our names.

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