What THEY Do

by Justice Anna von Reitz

What THEY Do

1. THEY deliberately keep you poor and sick and confused and afraid and dependent on THEM.

2. Then THEY make up “reasons” for the conditions THEY create— they tell you that your misery and poverty is because you are black or because you are Latino or because you are Catholic or because you are Protestant or because, because, because, because.

3. And then THEY present themselves as your saviors and they talk big and you elect THEM to right the wrongs and end the poverty and injustice that THEY create…..

4. And they smile all the way to the bank because when you let THEM “represent” you, THEY can use your labor and your body and your credit to pay for THEIR debts.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

It is in THEIR self-interest to keep you needy and ignorant and helpless and downtrodden, so that’s what THEY do. It’s to THEIR advantage to lie to you about the causes of your misery—- so THEY do. And when you fall into THEIR trap, you make it easy for THEM to legally rob you blind, so THEY do.

You dumb clucks have been electing THEM to “represent” you for over a hundred years and look at what you’ve got for it?

A choice between Daddy Warbucks v. Boris & Natasha. Another World War versus a Communist takeover.

Take your pick—-Raspberry dog dung or chocolate-flavored? Would you like a cone or a cup? The Dems will even sprinkle nuts on top.

Yes, it is true—-THEY select ‘EM, and you foolishly elect THEM.

How long and how often do you have to be reamed before you wake up?

This is what THEY do. This is how THEIR governments work. THEY have been skinning and using and abusing and enslaving and deceiving THEIR own people since the days of Rome and THEY are not willing to stop.

From THEIR perspective, THEY have a good thing going— a siphon into your pocketbook, —-and with your permission!

Because you elected THEM!

Now, here is the contrast— here is what WE do.

We, the People, run our own separate government. We don’t lie to or manipulate anybody. We give you the direct power to rule your own lives and communities and hold you responsible.

What a concept! Self-governance!

Our own courts and sheriffs, our own recording system, our own elections (without the lobbying organizations calling themselves political parties), our own credentials, our own systems, and budgets.

We don’t blame others because we know that there is nobody else to blame: we are in charge. We don’t whine and feel sorry for ourselves. When we fall on our rumps, we dust off and get back up and we don’t cry and whine about mean old Mr. Gravity.

This is the American Way v. THEM.

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