Our Land Recording System is Live

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Our Land Recording System is Live

As of this past Monday, our Land Recording System (LRS) is live!

That’s about the most exciting and factual news I’ve heard in a long time.

Because it actually impacts us and others around the world in a practical and good way, it’s far more important than anything being reported by the Mainstream Media—-even though some of you may be saying, “So what?”

This week, our State Coordinators and Recording Secretaries began learning how to record documents using the new LRS.

As a result, you will be able to record your possession of your most precious private assets — your Good Name, your DNA, your Declaration of Political Status, your children, your homestead claims, your land patents, your car, your business — all your private assets, which until now, have been “mistaken” as public trust assets.

You won’t have to go through a difficult gauntlet of arguments with State of State Recording Offices or struggle to explain your political status to foreigners. You won’t have to pay exorbitant recording costs.

No more arguing with patrolmen on the side of the road, because the Land Recording System coupled with State Assembly membership allows you to secure your State Credentials — affirmative photo identification to replace Driver Licenses and put an end to inappropriate legal presumptions.

Now that the importance of the Land Recording System is dawning on everyone, step back and take a moment to appreciate how many years Americans have had to suffer and struggle for lack of this service? And, indeed, how long people throughout the world have suffered for lack of any official means to record their political status and actual identity?

Picture me and so many others plodding to the various recording offices maintained for international purposes by the State of State organizations, paying through the nose for paperwork processes that were more or less effective, sorting through the welter of jurisdictions, and more often than not, being attacked and questioned at every step.

Say good-bye to all of that. We have streamlined the process for everyone and miraculously, got it down to something simple and effective.

You will need a birth certificate or other record confirming where you were born, two Witness Testimony forms from people who can identify you as the man or woman whose birth event is referenced by the Birth Certificate or other official record (such as Naturalization records), and a one-page Declaration of your political status. Four pieces of paper. Record them with your State Coordinator or State Recording Secretary.

Welcome home!

All the work that was done prior to this using foreign recording offices is still valid, but imagine how much easier this will be?

This opens the door wider and makes it easier for millions of Americans to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, to reclaim the constitutional guarantees they are owed, and to enjoy the freedom they have earned.

It also makes our birthright political status easier for people to understand. It’s one thing to talk and explain, and another to show someone a State Credential card backed by actual State Assembly organizations and historical authorities.

This is being made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers who have stepped forward at this critical moment in history to assist other Americans and help them make the journey home. Thank and bless them every time you have a chance.

Even if you are not an American, thank and bless them, because this is good news for you, too.

The concept that we have been legally high-jacked and human trafficked away from our natural political status almost at birth is finally coming home to millions of people around the world who have suffered the same fate.

Because Land Recording is an international service, our LRS can be used by people in England and Australia, India, Canada and elsewhere around the world, to record their claims upon their Good Names, their DNA, their political status, their land, and their homes, and their businesses and children, too.

At a time when many Land Recording Offices have been closed by the perpetrators in an effort to keep people permanently “lost at sea”, the American Land Recording Office has booted back up with a vengeance.

Soon our system will be teaching recorders from throughout the English-speaking world to use the LRS, and as the land jurisdiction government is restored from Beirut to Bangkok, from Mayfair to Muskogee, people will be able to secure appropriate credentials for themselves and be able to reclaim their private assets and assert their constitutional guarantees like never before.

Remember always that men and women are land assets. “From dust thou art and to dust returneth” — our bodies and everything associated with them, exist naturally under the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea.

Remember that It is up to you to declare your identity, your political status, your nature, and the law that you stand under. It’s your responsibility to run your own government and to chastise and direct your own public employees.

The Land Recording System is one giant leap forward not only for America and Americans, but for people everywhere. Take a moment this Sunday to realize the blessing this represents, bow your heads and give thanks for the truth and the greater glory of Nature’s God, for your countrymen, your neighbors, your family, and your friends.

This is a breakthrough moment brought to you by volunteers you will never know, working under far less than ideal conditions, to create the ways and the means for you to restore your country, to properly identify yourselves, and to claim your most precious assets.

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