Notice to the United Nations, President Trump and all Interested Principals and Parties:

   by Justice Anna von Reitz

Notice to the United Nations, President Trump and all Interested Principals and Parties:

This is what’s on my mind and on the minds of all Americans. We are not going to be vaccinated against non-existent diseases and then told that we have “accepted” patented products that are now incorporated into our genome without our explicit knowledge and permission.

We are not accepting the “status” of becoming GMO products and not accepting any claims by any corporation that advances this position of ownership of any patented DNA or RNA product injected, ingested, or otherwise inserted into our private DNA structure.

Any organization that makes this claim or any similar claim, in any way, shape, or form, will be immediately recognized as operating unlawfully and with willful intent to harm, and will be liquidated with prejudice and deprived of any benefit of the corporate veil.

Those shareholders and Board members of any corporation caught doing this or making such claims will be destroyed financially and held personally and commercially accountable for unlawful acts against the Public Interest and against the Public Law of this country.

Any Municipal Corporation or officer, official or franchise caught supporting such actions or claims will be immediately liquidated in the case of the corporation, and removed from office and arrested in the case of the corporate officers and/or elected officials responsible.

The same goes for any Territorial corporation involved in any such obscene claims and activities.

Ditto any corporation that attempts to claim that DNA submitted by people as trash in trash receptacles, or otherwise disposed of, can be fished out and claimed as “abandoned property”, any corporation that claims DNA submitted for medical tests or other medical purposes, DNA left behind on operating room floors during birth or during surgical procedures, DNA submitted for private purposes such as genetic comparisons, paternity tests, or as we have recently noted, DNA submitted to organizations like, may not now or ever be claimed as anything owned by any corporation or incorporated entity for any purpose whatsoever.

Have we, the actual government of this country made this explicit enough for all corporations and corporate officers worldwide to hear it? Your organizations will be liquidated and you will all be financially ruined if you continue to pursue these aims in any guise. You may also suffer other retributions at the hands of the enraged public and we will not protect you from frontier justice.

Using your own profane vernacular, you are attempting to rustle our “cattle” and the standing Public Law for the offense is death by hanging.

All corporations and their Board Members are instructed to review the two (2) contracts that allow their existence and operations on our shores —- The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Constitution of the United States —- with particular attention paid to Article IV and all provisions related to the operations of the Post Office and the United States Patent Office and similar service outposts.

All officers of all corporations operating within our borders are obligated to know and obey these contracts and respect these agreements, whether operating as Municipal Corporations or as Territorial Corporations. Failure to do so, offering harm to our Public Interest, or otherwise indulging in criminal activities will net no profit, and will instead result in the direct destruction of your corporations, the seizure of your holdings, and the removal of the corporate veil protecting your private assets.

Cease and desist all plans and operations seeking to reduce divine creations into corporate pawn and GMO “products” or face the wrath of the Primal Creator — literally.


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