Fact or Coincidence by Robert-dean:House

I started doing affidavits a few years ago with two witness and the three of us would go to the bank notary to have the document / instrument notarized by the corporate entity for free.  The affidavits were from victim affidavits to property claims and so on. 

We had no problem doing this.  As we all knew, the notary’s job was to witness the affiants signature, as we now call autograph but not the witnesses autographs.  They would require a source of I.D. and log you into their record book.  I used my made up I. D. with photo and right thumb print as mine, it was accepted. Once that was done, we then went to another table and did the witness autographs and mine with a red thumb print, our God given seal, over the last letter of our autographed name. 

As time went on, the bank notary was curious of the two witnesses, so we would explain the meaning to them under common law. 

Then one day we entered the bank for their service once again and they requested to see all our I.D.’s and logged them.  Prier to this not even attorneys were using two witness just the notary to their SIGNATURE.  While doing this we would discuss the difference between common law and the legal system knowing vary well we were being recorded.

Then Covid set in and the bankers were all wearing masks.

Another time we came into the bank to have a property document notarized and was informed that they were not authorized to notarize such a form of affidavit and we had to take it to one who was.  We decided on my old friend’s print shop called MBA which he recently sold.

The clerk there was wearing a mask but stated that it was a choice thing.   I had a slight problem with the private corporate state license owner due to my source of I.D. being my creation but he accepted my V.A. card with my last four to be logged.  Witnesses used their issued D.L.’s.   As we were doing this, as always, we talked of the two systems and I did explain to the owner that his job as notary was to notarize my autograph and not the witnesses.  He disliked the correction but we completed the job with his logging in of the witnesses 

Since Covid, the banks quit doing affidavits and only open their doors to appointments only, the drive up was used.  We had to find another notary source and continued to use the MBA as the new source.  

As of 8-24-20 we entered the MBA and was instructed to wear a mask.  We explained that it was not a law and we were ok and nice about it so one of the witnesses handed me an extra mask he had.  I put it on but the clerk still refused service and said it was because I gave him a hard time last time.  We ended up at the UPS store for the notary who did not require a mask.

When I started to place affidavits into the public record via the Clerk of Court of Charlotte County Florida, dba, as a corporation for profit under the name of, BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS, phone number 941-743-1400, assigned DUNS No. 031670258, I would use coin to pay their fees for coin is written in the Constitution as Lawful tender.

I would always bring in two witness and while the clerk was counting out the coin we would discus the differences between the lawful and the legal systems knowing vary well that they are filming and listening to us.

The use of coin was one of the topics.  Another was serving them, ( the word, “Them”, meaning the corporate entities that usurped our Government), the affidavit after  receiving a certified copy from them and mailing a copy to some of Them via registered or certified mail return receipt.  

Covid set in and we could no longer confront Them to get the affidavits placed into the public record in a timely manner.  We then adjusted our system of doing things.  We now had to drop the document off at their overnight box and to prove that we did, we did two copies of the instruction that was witnessed with the time and date of the drop.  The two witnesses had to be on site to witness the drop.  They can not dispute getting the documents.  But they could miss place them and time was not on our side.  They would then mail you a certified copy as requested with your original and this took several days.

To this day, on papers I have received from the public records of attorney clients,  the attorneys are now using two witnesses on their fraudulent forms. 

See where I am going with this?  Is Covid just a coincidence?  Or is it also being used to stop people like us from correcting the legal system? 

It was not to much longer when they came up with, guess what?  A coin shortage.


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