People and their Corporations

By Robert-dean:House

Why is it whenever someone starts a new business they seek a License with a STATE Corporation and incorporate with that STATE?  It is because these people are not people of a free country but Citizens of the STATE Corporation.  All through this article I will use the STATE OF FLORIDA and the citizen Corporations as my example.  

A free people do not need to ask an INCORPORATED STATE, COUNTY OR CITY  for the privilege of a license to open up a business if they are not members of said Corporations. No matter what the business is there are always others willing to help a business with its stock.  Example, a Medical Doctor can find natural remedies vs. the pharmaceutical industry’s man made patent products which require a license.  The My Pillow guy has the right as a non-citizen people to be the owner and founder of his own unincorporated independent business and the right to contract with whomever he wishes for the ingredients to make his pillows.

The problem is going to a Corporation and asking them for a license as we have been trained to do.  Give that some thought and ask yourself, could this be part of the problem of todays world?

Under the STATE OF FLORIDA usurped Government on record, doing business for a profit under DUNS number 089745657, we find another business like all licensed businesses taking orders from the CEO of the STATE.  The CHARLOTTE COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE under COUNTY OF CHARLOTTE dba under DUNS number 147546209.  Do you know the nine digit DUNS number that the STATE has assigned to you with your license to do business?

The incorporated pyramid is huge and involves all of us as people.  One man at the top can shout everything down at once causing serious problems. 

Now see what can happen when the one man at the top believes in his own wealth and wishes and sides with fascism to opposes the people who are registered as citizens under his authority.   

The citizens, believing they have a right to stand against the leaders of their Corporate Government will fail because they are assumed or presumed by the STATE, to be under the control of that vary Corporate Government by way of their own business license, drivers license, vehicle registration, voter registration, birth certificate, marriage license, etc. all documented by copyright instruments as a contract between you and the STATE CORPORATION.

Look at what is going on in some incorporated cities now.  The LEO’s, Law Enforcement Officers, are businesses just like the CHARLOTTE COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE above.  These businesses can be instructed to stand down when being invaded by any enemies of the Country’s people.  Is this why you go to the poles to register to vote in the Corporation so you can have a hand in the destruction of your Country?  Well, that is exactly what you are doing. 

To the LEO’s, and I have said this before, get out of the Corporations control of Statutes and codes, etc. and return to the Common Law Enforcement of the Commandments, or quit so someone else can take over, and return our LEO’s back to Peace Officers under Common Law.  To do this, you must stop taking orders from Judges and Attorney’s of and for the STATE Corporations who are among the source of such ridicules statutes and codes and now, orders.  

The people under the original Constitution, not corporate citizens, have the right of suffrage to vote via ballot box for those they wish to speak for them as they direct.  We the People never intended to vote in any Corporation but we were deceived into thinking that we are citizens of the STATE OF FLORIDA  and not that of a independent people of Florida.

All LEO’s that stand down under the Corporate Commands can be held liable for any and all damages done upon the people and there private property.  The defense of taking unlawful orders to secure a job is no defense at all and you will be held personally liable under 1215 Magna Carta 61.  The same can be said to all business owners who refuse to serve people who do not wear a mask when entering their incorporated business under orders from the STATE Corporation. 

Get out of the CORPORATION.  Do your Sworn Statement of Live Life Birth with your autograph, stamped with your God given seal, Thumb Print, and serve it upon all corporate CEOs and inform them that you are of sound mind and have the ability to self govern. 

LEO’s we need you, and without us there would be no job for you.  This is why we need to protect each other for what these CORPORATIONS have done.  Seek the help of the true people of the lands to help you help us and lets rid this country of the foreign invaders backed by foreign funding taking our country over from within.

And you, John Q. Public, stop supporting the corporations with your contracts of incorporation via a license.  No man on Earth needs a License from another man giving him permission to do what God put him here to do. The right to make a living is the right to contract without a third party license to do so. 


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