The “War” Is Over

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

While both “sides” of the Pope’s organization here on our shores are lax in publishing the news, the Civil War is over.   It has only taken 160 years, but the legitimate and actual government of this country has proclaimed, deemed, and decreed that our Employees are not allowed to rampage around on our shores conducting any kind of war, declared, mercenary, product, or otherwise. 

It’s over, and anyone who doesn’t know that it’s over needs to be “fully informed”. 

Ever wondered why the military is supposed to be subservient to the civilian authority?  Ever noticed the difference between the word “civilian” and “civil”? 

The reason that both the military and the civil service are placed under the direction and dominion of the civilian population, is that both are “services” and they serve as subcontractors acting under delegated authority.  

Why would subcontractors be allowed to dictate the policies, laws, and practices of this country?  

Simple answer— nobody in their right mind would conceive of a situation like this, even though this is how we have been living for 160 years — letting our Employees run the roost, tell us what to do, and racketeer to their heart’s delight against us.  

Lacking a civilian authority, the military turned to the “civil” government for direction, and the “civil” government represented by the Municipal Government of their own District Government was all too-glad to agree; both sets of our “federal” Employees conspired against their employers and set out to evade their obligations under their respective Constitutions: The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States. 

If you are a typical American, it’s news to you that there are two constitutions.  Actually, there are three, but one has been “in abeyance pending Reconstruction” for a century and a half.  

In addition to the three actual constitutions, there is a fourth document that calls itself “The Constitution of the United States of America” —- Incorporated, that is — which functions as the Articles of Incorporation of a foreign commercial enterprise, first published in 1868.  

But I digress.  Let this suggest that things are a good deal more complex and in a way, more dire, than most people imagine.  

This entire portion of the continent has been mis-administered under color of law and conditions of fraud for over a century and a half.  Our Federal Employees and the other Principals who received our “Delegated Powers” are responsible for this. 

And that’s just the way it is. We have to pull ourselves out of our Zombie-like trance and deal with it. 

So, remember— “civil” is not civilian.  Our military owes no allegiance to the Municipal “civil” government, but instead, both owe us Good Faith Service.  And we have the right and the responsibility to direct both.  

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