Help Turn the Tide

By Robert-dean:House

I am only one of the people who are trying to bring the truth to others.  In 2002 I bought and paid for in full, 20 acres of land in Florida after my 1996 run for Charlotte County Sheriff.  I started a independent unincorporated landscaping business on the land and planted trees in rows on the north 10 acres where the home is located.  And like other people I was being forced to comply with paying an extortion fee each year for the COUNTY OF CHARLOTTE Corporation privilege to own the land under its fraudulent Deed that they assigned.

Due to being registered with the Agricultural Department, a sub corporation of the STATE OF FLORIDA, they would send someone out every year to inspect the trees for ants and nematodes.  I always passed regardless of the bugs.  I believe they were spies for the Property Appraiser.  

I paid the extortion fee each year, then in 2007 the Property Appraiser divided the property, on paper, in two ten acre halves to give me a tax break by keeping the north half under homestead exemption and then putting the south half under Agricultural exemption. 

What is wrong with that?  All the trees are planted on the north end.  This is the fraud from the beginning.  

For years I tried to straighten this out.  Then in 2014 I quit paying the tax after notifying them via affidavit of the fraud, for which they did not answer.  Then in 2017, I put the property under the meets and bounds into a Allodial Title via the Land Patent.  

In 2019 they sold the tax deed to a real estate agent who has been trying to claim the land since as I keep telling him, the S.O., the Clerk of Court, the tax collector, and others of the fraud but no one wants to investigate my official complaints via affidavit statements.

On Friday, 9-04-20, at approx 4:15 PM, just before the long weekend, the real estate agent, Amos Benten Hester lll, entered the property by removing the gate from its hinges.  He lured me to him by shooting his AR.  My wife heard the vehicle then the shots and yelled for me.  She said she heard two shots.  Fearing for the pigs we free land raise, I got into the Honda Passport and went to see who was doing what and heard a shot making it the third shot fired.  As I approached Mr. Hester I asked him what he was doing and that breaking into a closed gate with a firearm is a serious felony.  He slung his rifle over his left arm as he climbed off the back of his flat bed truck.  He then instructed me to get off of his land.  I told him that I was going to call the Sheriffs office as he replied, “go ahead”.  I returned to the house and did so.

It was about a half hour later, Note: it is 45 minutes from town, I got a call from one of the four deputies on the scene at my neighbors gate.  I thought they were at the wrong gate so I walked the 620 some feet to the north gate and opened it when I saw them there.  They were waiting on the Cpl. and another deputy who confronted Hester.

Knowing I am being recorded, I had all the documents they needed to present doubt and explained the documents to the the DFC at the gate as the others listened.  Then the Cpl. drove up as the DFC met him and explained that I admitted to them that I was on the property in question.  The Cpl. stepped forward and handed me a pre-written trespass warning.  I received it and started to explain the fraud to him but he said that Hester showed him a court order and a deed and that is what they had to go by.  I asked to be notified by a court ordered service for no one has served me of any such order.  He then stated that attempts were made by mail and once they are refused then they have the privilege of the law.  (Tacit consent). Enforcing a one sided contract. 

I had a packet of documents with me, meant for a Sgt. Ogden for I had a few weeks ago notified the Sheriff Bill Prummell of the facts and he assigned it to the Sgt. who called me and talked it away. 

Another problem here is that the easement to my 20 was always on the south end, I use the north end as one of the two property owners gave verbal permission to cross.  The official easement is a 1971 court ordered judgement and then Hester got a attorney to grant easement across the 20 before mine with permission of that property owner.  The 1971 easement entered from the west.  the attorney created one from the east.

I have now been land locked by the Sheriff’s office with threat of arrest if I disobey.

I have done a lot of work for the people who have lost there lands in much the same way and never ask for monies but now I am in need of one of their legal system attorneys to see what has been done wrong with the facts.  The attorney I have been in contact with wants a consultation fee of $1,200.00 for a four hour viewing of the documents and to give a written report of what they can or can not do from there. 

Anyone who can help please call me or email me.    239-229-6243.  Calls from 5 – 5. 

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