The Lincoln Turn Around Two Step

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

My readers are very familiar with the fact that one man or woman may wear multiple “hats” and that some offices in our Federal Government have involved as many as seven or eight different offices, like the US POSTMASTER GENERAL, who also serves as the United States Postmaster, the US Postmaster, the Postmaster General of the United States…. and so on. 

It should, therefore, come as no surprise to learn that the office of “President” is similarly constructed with multiple offices which are all assumed to be exercised or potentially exercised by one man.  

Those who are awake and thinking often ask me —- well, if Lincoln was a Bar Attorney and Esquire (joined the Illinois Bar in 1835) and the Titles of Nobility Amendment (ratified and added to The Constitution for the united States of America in 1819) prohibits Bar Attorneys from serving in our government, how in blazes did Lincoln get elected and serve as President in 1860? 

Great and timely question, because they are trying the same “Lincoln Turn Around Two Step” with Kamela Harris today. 

The short answer is that Lincoln was never our President and held no office in our government.  

This is one of the Big Beefs that led to the Secession of the Southern States.

Lincoln wasn’t eligible to serve as President of the Federal Republic, but he was eligible to serve as President of the Territorial United States and also as President of the Municipal United States.  

So he simply didn’t enter our office — didn’t wear our “hat” — and represented the two foreign Federal Subcontractors, instead.  If you look at the records, you will see that Lincoln consistently signed all his paperwork in one of three offices: 

1. President of the United States of America (Territorial Government)

2. President of the United States (Municipal Government) 3. Commander-in-Chief (Territorial Government) 

There is no record of him ever acting as The President of The United States of America (our Federation of States) nor as the President of the States of America (our Confederation of States) nor as the President of the united States of America (the Federal Republic).  

Our last elected President was Franklin Pierce, in 1856. 

Right now there is a court case filed in US District Court against Kamela Harris, challenging her eligibility for office of the Vice President of the United States, and perforce, President of the United States, if the President should die or be disabled in office. 

I can already tell you the outcome.  

Kamela Harris is eligible to serve as “President of the United States” — because the Municipal Government has no law or rule regarding eligibility for that office that she doesn’t meet.  

She isn’t eligible to serve as “President of the United States of America” — the Territorial Government Office, but that doesn’t matter, because she can simply do the Lincoln Turn Around Two Step, and never enter that office. 

And in the meanwhile, we have millions upon millions of innocent, defrauded, deluded, confused Americans who earnestly believe that these shysters are acting in Good Faith as their “President” —- when it is completely obvious that none of them are acting in the proper office or in Good Faith, either.  

Thus it becomes necessary for the actual People of this country to get on their High Horse and put on their own dancing shoes, and elect an actual President of The United States of America.  And make it stick. 

Our run amok Federal Employees all need a sit-down Come to Jesus Meeting and all the fraud committed against all of us, needs to come to halt.  

It needs to be recognized that everything done here since Lincoln was elected has been accomplished in fraud.  Every single law, code, rule, codecil, regulation, statute, and business deal concocted by these yahoos since 1860 has been done under conditions of non-disclosure, constructive fraud, and color of law.  

And the worst part of the news that I bring you, is that you have all been misidentified as part of the problem — and are presumed to be either Territorial or Municipal Employees and/or Dependents, voluntarily participating in this fraud and insurrection against the lawful Government.  

Now, perhaps this will jolt a few more of you off your couches…. go to:  and put on your dancing shoes. 

I am told that there are still men in this country who can waltz in waffler stompers.  

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