Why Let The Pandemic Control You?

From the John Birch Society

Given the absolute hype by the media and government at every level regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have been submitting to draconian orders all across the country. The over-the-top response from all levels of government has betrayed the very foundations of our Republic and our rights are being trampled upon. 

As we have seen for months now schools, businesses, churches, and individuals are being bullied by the government based on an unwarranted emergency. Currently over the last few weeks new revelations have come out that are real eye openers concerning the pandemic and articles are appearing everywhere covering new statistics about the Coronavirus. 

According to the CDC, 6% of all COVID-19 deaths were only from COVID-19 and the other 94% listed as deaths due to COVID-19 had other underlying health problems. Does this justify individual’s lives being disrupted, the shutdown of schools, and American’s economy being shut down for months? 

In our latest Activate America video, Art Thompson discusses some more eye opening statistics and how this pandemic is being used to control the people and the economy. As the government continues to trample over our rights, their orders must be met with Constitutional pushback from the proper authorities. 

To understand these “proper authorities,” a lesson in American civics is warranted. America has a set of horizontal checks and balances set-up not only in the three branches of the federal government, but also a series of vertical checks within each state. For instance, We The People hold the bulk of the “consent to be governed.” Above that, governments are instituted to protect our rights.

Local governments are supposed to protect us from the next higher level of government. Municipalities protect us from county and state, the county from the state, and the state from the federal government. So these authorities essentially would nullify the unconstitutional orders that are harming our nation. 

With your help, we can effectively act to stop the virus and do so in a manner that respects our rights. Check out our “Take Action” page at JBS.org to see how you can get involved to stop this government overreach! It’s time to stop the tyranny and clear the way for American healthcare to treat the virus!

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