As you can see from the 28USC3002 definition, United States is a FEDERAL CORPORATION. I.e. a corporation CREATED by Congress. So if you’re a US citizen, you’re a citizen of that corporation. Now you’re ALSO a US NATIONAL, but so are State Citizens, as well.

So if you don’t wanna be a citizen of that corporation, it would be a good idea to send a NOTICE to the US Secr. of State, stating that you’re NOT a citizen of any federal corporation, including the United States one. THIS, and using a non-ZIP address, should help remove you from the corporate MATRIX, i.e. the federal “plantation”, since there would no longer be a “meeting of minds” which makes agreements/statutes enforceable.

Also note that corporations are ARTIFICIAL PERSONS. I.e. they DON’T exist in the real world so its citizens AREN’T protected by REAL LAWS like the USA and State Constitutions, and don’t have any Unalienable rights. But they do have constitutions, but the US Constitution is that of the federal corporation.

Only the USA Constitution, which is the ORIGINAL, organic constitution, which ENDS with the original 13th amendment (actually the 14th Am. which is the 13th Am. in the US constitution), is the highest law of the USA Republic of 50 states of the Union.

In other words, the US Constitution is a CORPORATE constitution because it’s of the United States, a federal corporation. Only the USA Constitution is de jure law of the Republic.  

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