Satan’s Children

by Robert-dean:House

We are all Satan’s Children by deceit, until we claim otherwise. 

Who are you, really?  How do you prove to others who you are?  With a Birth Certificate, a Drivers License or maybe a Passport, etc.?  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but none of these prove who you are for they are all documented instruments under copyright/patent of another (Satan), for their own purpose. 

You have been born into Satan’s society known as the legal system, the opposite of the lawful system.  Just like your left arm is to the right.  One is right the other is the one to the left.  Keep this in mind as we go along for it will be much easier to comprehend.  This has nothing to do with left handed people v. right handed people.

For over 150 years the world has been teaching its people from the left and not from the right.  You are taught to believe that the all CAPS name on your documents is in fact who and what you are when in fact God gave you a sure identification card different from any other on Earth which we seldom use due to the fraud brought upon us through deceit and consent, the only way Satan can thrive, 

Remember, Satan was cast to Earth to rein as king to all he can deceive with your consent.  Even if you are like other people who believe that being a born again Christian will protect you, then you are right.  It will protect your soul but not your body here in the real world.  We were put on this earth in the body and soul and we are to learn how to live both. 

God gave us laws to abide by known as the Commandments.  Also referred to as the common laws of what is right vs. the statutes and codes, etc. of the left which are created under deceit and consent.  The easiest one to remember and to use as a catch all is, “Do no harm to others or to his/her property”.  Look about you today.  What is it that the people of this Earth are living under? 

Just like the movie, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, the Earth will be judged and we as its People have, now, but a short time to make it right.

It is my belief that just believing in God is not enough.  One needs to take it one step further to prove to yourself and Satan your knowledge of who and what you are and that you are not the one he assumes or presumes who and what you are. By doing a written affidavit statement of live life birth making the claim that you are competent in mind and body and responsible for your own actions. By doing this you remove yourself from the legal system of Satan.  You must then make it know to all those who wish to know who you are, available to them by use of the public records and other sources. 

This statement is one of the first documents putting claim to your finger prints, or right thumb print that is unique to only you.  You do not have to claim to be any type of National for we are first and foremost all God’s Children and have to comprehend that.  After that has been accomplished then we can go forward, or not, with joining an organization of several peoples such as an Assembly, Club, Fraternities, etc. 

DNA is another identity under thumb print and can be used within a laminated I.D. card of your own making.  This is also self governance under common law.  You need not require a corporation to make the I.D. if you can do it yourself or contract with another people to do it for you. 

Too many people of the Earth are waiting for someone else to do what they themselves should be doing.  Do not wait for a Corporate election to help you if you can not first help yourself and if you do not know who you are or who your enemies are. 

It is now that time of year, election year, where Satan deceives most of the People into thinking that voting for a King in a fixed election as a Citizen of Satan’s Corporation is to be the answer to their problems.  It is not.  You and only you are the answer to your problems.  Notice the deceit and stop consenting to it by first making claim of who you are and then notify those who believe they have you under their control by way of statutes, codes, rules, etc. 

We The People, means just that.  And not the Corporations of the majority.  As I said before, just before their deceitful election of corporate officials in charge of their corporations, they will be advertising all over with their need of you joining their corporation as their slave citizen by Registering to vote.  Thus giving you the illusion of being part of making a difference.   So how has that turned out so far for the People of Earth?  Just look around you.  Coming to a town near you. 

And don’t worry.  When the foolish around you say if you did not vote then you have no say.  Just reply with this.  “So you are one of them we have to thank for what we have today.”

There is little time to waste.  Make that status change your priority.  It will be the only thing to save you when they ask for your papers.  If you show them, those of the left, their papers, then you are giving them consent to do with you as they will.  And remember this. 

The Right is of the truth based on facts, logic, understanding and forgiveness.  (Are you beginning to See?)      

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