ILB’s Are Private, Not Public

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

I have tried repeatedly to get this across to people. Everyone please listen up.

Individual Living Being identification numbers are a private service and like private insurance or membership in an Auto Club are not associated with our government.

ILB’s exist under private copyright by the inventors of that system.

If you choose to use their products, you become liable to their private copyright. If they issue an ILB related to you, it needs to be accompanied by a clearly stated and written and fully disclosed contract which describes your obligations, if any, for the usage of their copyrighted IDeed system. Failing that, it is an improper contract and invalid on the land and soil of this country.

It is also not a public identification related in any way to your government and does not and cannot serve as an official government identification system.

Although it bills itself as a “replacement of government” — we all know that that is in terms of private usage only, and if it did “replace” the government of this country, it would be in insurrection and those promoting it would be liable to prosecution.

For these reasons and others, I caution everyone using the ILB system to be aware of what this system is, and is not. It has some valid purposes and can be a benefit when identifying private property, much as private insurance policies can be of benefit for car owners.

The privately copyrighted ILB System promoted as IDeed does not replace our government nor does it replace our public identification systems, State Credentials, and other paperwork. Anyone having any ideas to the contrary needs to be fully informed.

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