Sign In America Training Course and Program Expansion

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The Sign In America Debt Relief Program, expanding and growing with Training, is now Available!

As part of our expansion, we are in the process of training a Sign In America Coordinator in every state.

In the last year, we have submitted thousands of claims to the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.

We will continue to submit your claims through Sign In America, so keep them coming! Our momentum was slowed in the last month as we were busy training, but now we have additional Coordinators at the ready to use the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption process to offset debt in your State.

We would like this process to grow as our assemblies grow. We have added 10 new Coordinators as of this month, and will continue to add Coordinators until we have a dedicated Sign In America Coordinator in every state!

We are also happy to announce that the Sign In America Training and Study Course is now available! There are 3 levels of payment available: $25, $15 and $2. Payments will be disbursed to donate to Anna and her team, as well as to donate to your own State Assembly.

The training course contains the high level information about history, jurisdictions and structure of Assemblies, as well as the enforcement. There are quizzes throughout the material with anywhere from 3 – 7 questions per quiz.

You must answer all of the questions in the quiz correctly in order to move to the next study section.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive an Affirmation of Completion signed by Anna Von Reitz.

A copy of the Affirmation of Completion should be provided to your Sign In America Coordinator along with your paperwork. A copy should also be provided to your State Assembly.

Sign In America will have follow on training courses diving into additional topics in the future.

Follow this link to the Training and Study Course:

As the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the Corporate Territorial Entity continues to progress, we look forward the conclusion so that our claims will be brought forward as First Priority Creditors.

The liens that Anna and her team have filed will also be brought forward.

Keep the faith, and continue to do everything in your power to self govern, keep the Peace, uphold the Public Law, and build strong assemblies in your county and state.

Go to The American States Assembly and Sign In America

Kindest Regards, Sign In America | PO Box 144, Issaquah, WA 98027

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