Fox News Just Confronted Joe Biden. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.

Joe Biden has shied away from answering reporters questions.

But one a rare campaign event Biden had nowhere to hide.

And Fox News just confronted Joe Biden with the damaging question. You won’t believe what happened next.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Joe Biden spent most of the campaign hidden in his Delaware basement.

The former Vice President’s handlers rarely let him take questions.

And now Fox News asked Joe Biden one question that confirmed every Democrat’s worst fear.

Joe Biden’s handlers understand that they need to get him out of the basement more.

Democrats were worried that the continuing Black Lives Matter riots were hurting Biden in the polls.

So Biden’s handlers trotted Biden out in front of the cameras for an event in Wilmington, North Carolina that was supposedly about Biden’s plan to open schools which was really a plan to keep them closed with stringent COVID-19 guidelines.

After the event, Biden took a few questions from fake news reporters pre-selected by Biden’s staff to make sure they asked easy questions that wouldn’t challenge the mentally declining Biden to think too hard about answering.

At the end of the event, the fake news reporters obediently shuffled out of the room on command as Biden’s handlers wrapped up the question and answer session.

Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy – unlike his fake news peers – ignored the script set forth by the Biden campaign and shouted for a question.

Shockingly, Biden acknowledged him.

“I know you always ask a hostile question, but go ahead,” Biden responded.

Doocy grilled Biden on how Biden claimed President Trump should have listened to him in January on the seriousness of the coronavirus, but how that squared with Biden holding campaign rallies into the second week in March.

“You said that you warned President Trump in January that there was going to be a pandemic and what needed to be done. If you knew that, then why were you still hosting crowded campaign rallies in March?” Doocy pressed.

Biden showed why his handlers only select Biden supporters from the fan club of fake news media outlets that travel with the campaign to ask questions.

The former Vice President offered a bizarre and rambling response that did not touch on the question Doocy asked about holding campaign rallies in the second week of March.

“No, what I talked about was not what had to be done,” Biden stammered. “What I said you got to take this seriously. You’ve got to insist that we have access to Wuhan. Insist we have access in China to find out for ourselves. We had 44 people from the CDC there. You cannot continue to talk about the president of China, saying he’s done a marvelous job, he’s doing a great job.”

Biden has also complained that President Trump could have saved tens of thousands of lives had he shut down the economy a week earlier.

While there is no proof that is true – and the evidence points to the fact that lockdowns increase deaths due to depression, suicide and people putting off medical care – Biden was still holding campaign rallies during the time he claimed President Trump should have shutdown the country.

Biden’s handlers only allow handpicked supporters to ask questions because they know the mentally diminished Biden cannot handle the answers to tough questions.

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