The Church and I

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

To begin with, I was born and raised and have never been a part of any church other than Evangelical Lutheran. Since my discovery that they are operating as an incorporated “church” and selling baptismal certificates like all the other incorporated “churches”, I have severed my relationship with them.

Any organization that pretends to be a church and which engages in the purported buying and selling of souls, is not a church. It’s a fake and in league with the Father of All Lies by definition. Despite whatever good work it does and whatever worthy service such an organization might render, it is tainted by this fraud and breach of trust in a fundamental way that can’t be answered or altered short of repentance and a massive reform.

So I have turned away even from my own church and sought the narrow road.

My husband has done the same.

My son recently asked me, “Mom, among them all, which church is least crazy and dishonest?”

I replied, “The one inside your heart.”

What else can you say, when you have caught them red-handed, buying, selling, and trading Baptismal Certificates as clearinghouse certificates?

And this criminal corruption submitting to Mammon is being practiced not only by the Roman Catholic Church, but all the incorporated Protestant churches, as well?

There’s a single piece of paper being spread all over the Internet — again — a piece of paper copied from my own book, Disclosure 101, which details the history leading up to me “going public” with this whole effort. The paper shows my whole given name, and my capacity at that time while acting as a “private attorney” for Pope Benedict XVI. The entire circumstance is explained in the book.

By 2006, we had concluded that the Pope was uniquely responsible for the corruption— what we call “The Mess” —so we hiked up our skirts and sued the Holy See for redress of Breach of Trust.

Pope Benedict XVI heard us out, investigated, and took immediate action to correct. He asked for our help and we took on the task of issuing Due Process notification to his erring employees. It’s in that capacity and while doing that work that I acted as his private attorney. This work went on from 2006 to 2014, ending in the Final Judgment issued in April of that year.

You can read about all of this and see related documents and eleven pages of foundational law and legal citations in the book.

Meantime, Pope Benedict had been “retired” and a new Pope chosen.

Other than circling the wagons and protecting the Church and its interests, Pope Francis has made no substantial effort to correct or assist us. He is, apparently, bent on using the United Nations as a new storefront for the same old criminality.

Day before yesterday, Francis gave a frantic call to put “teeth” into the United Nations.

We interpret that as meaning— give the United Nations money to become a separate, globe-spanning, oppressive military power under his command. Circle the wagons. Defend the crime syndicate with force of arms.

This puts the Jesuit Order, Francis’s own Order, into a very tight place.

The recent Peter’s Pence Scandal adequately demonstrates how entrenched the criminality within the Roman Catholic Church really is.

Faithful Catholics were asked to make a one-time special offering on June 15th, to provide the Pope with a special fund to alleviate the suffering of those left homeless by war and those suffering from disease and political oppression and natural disasters.

They, the Catholic Parishioners worldwide, gave half a billion dollars, so that Francis would have pocket change to alleviate suffering directly.

Instead of doing so, he and his assistants invested the money in things like luxury condos and Hollywood movies and new bank buildings in the Inner City of London.

Enough said.

We sued for redress because the Pope is in a unique position of responsibility. Popes created The Mess, so Popes can sustain or destroy The Mess, at will.

It would be easier for the Pope to repent and lead the world out of this morass as Pope Benedict XVI attempted to do, than it would be for all the rest of us to rebuild a new world from scratch.

Unfortunately, the pitched battle between the teachings of Jesus versus the siren song of Mammon has led to a prolongation of money and power-mongering both within and without the Roman Catholic Church.

And that struggle is ongoing still.

It is, in truth and in fact, a spiritual war between the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Untruth, between the natural world and the world of corporations, between the True God and Mammon.

Fortunately, we don’t have to rely upon our own strength to win. This is a fight that our God will win. All we have to do is keep the faith and stay calm and hopeful and watchful, for the day is coming and the night must pass away.

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