The Universal Law of Free Will is Being Violated

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

We were given free will for a reason: so that we could learn to choose what is good.

Even Yeshuah was given “curds and honey” (Isaiah 7) so that he would learn the difference between what is good and what is bad.

We must be enabled to make a choice — a free will choice that reflects our unmanipulated and honest will, or our existence is meaningless and nothing can be learned about our true nature.

Please see this presentation which explains how our Free Will is being destroyed and why and in very general terms, by whom:…/everyone-must-know…/…

They call it “the Brain Initiative” — a system by which viruses are used to introduce genetically engineered receptor sites in normal nerve cells — “neurons”.

These artificial receptor sites are then available to receive signals in the form of either chemicals or light impulses, and depending on this stimulus, our nerve cells turn on or turn off.

This can be used to create pain as well as remove pain, to agitate or to calm. You get the picture. They have been at it full bore since Obummer was a pup. He signed the funding to put this agenda on hyperdrive.

And this underlines the first stories coming out of Wuhan, China, that the happenings there were the result of “crowd control” experiments and experimental technologies aimed at crowd control.

Although these technologies might be used to calm rioters, they could also be used as virtual lobotomies, turning people into biological robots without free will.

For this reason, these technologies are extremely dangerous and should not be promoted nor allowed. They violate the Universal Law of Free Will in ways that cannot be tolerated.

Pray to the True God who gave you free will to avenge this offense against us and to drag the politicians and scientists and corporate bosses responsible for it out into the light where their activities and motives can be properly assessed and monitored and controlled by a vigilant — and angry — public.

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