Official Notice and Published Announcement

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

As of October the First in the year of 2020, the properly declared and recorded People operating the State Assemblies organized and enrolled prior to the year of 1860, have acted via Roll Call Vote to acknowledge, accept, and enroll their sister States which have been created during and after the Civil War as fully endowed and empowered States of the Union.

This action ends over 150 years of presumptive custodial interest on the part of the Territorial United States Government in the administration of the public resources and populations of these predominantly western States created and provisionally accepted as States of the Union under the Northwest Ordinance.

These former Territorial States are now enrolled as members of The United States and The United States of America and have entered into full standing as independent States.

All fifty (50) State Assemblies are now fully functional and operating on par with each other. The States formed during and after the Civil War are no longer subject to any presumption of custodial interest by the Territorial United States Government and are free to assume the possession and enjoyment of all land and soil and related assets, rights, titles, and interests expressed or implied, within their borders.

This long overdue formal enrollment is a necessary step toward the Reconstruction of our Government, which is to include the reconstruction or in the case of these new States of the Union, first-time construction, of American States-of-States to serve as members of the Confederation ordained by The Articles of Confederation.

These reconstructed and/or newly created American State of State organizations will then subsequently serve as the Comptrollers and Interest Holders of the American Federal Subcontractor doing business as the States of America. The States of America is also popularly known as the Federal Republic.

Along with the reconstruction and/or creation of American State-of-State organizations under The Articles of Confederation, we anticipate the prompt reconstruction of the States of America and the resumption of the operations of the Federal Republic under the auspices of The Constitution for the united States of America.

Both the Confederation and its membership and the States of America exist as a result of delegations of power held by The United States and The United States of America, respectively, and are not to be confused with the Powerholders or with the actual State Assemblies or with any foreign corporation operating under similar names.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary — The United States of America

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