International Claim of The Powerholder

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The United States of America is more than competent to act as the Executive Power over all American Estates and is the Lawful and Legal Powerholder with respect to all interests in international or global jurisdiction related to its member States and the assets thereof.

The United States of America claims the pre-established and priority standing interest to control and direct the affairs of the several States in these foreign jurisdictions and is in no way encumbered or prevented from doing so.

No delegated authority stands between us and our agency of the sovereign interests of our members. All such delegations of powers have returned to The United States of America by Operation of Law. The Powerholder claims full and unimpaired executorship and agency rights in behalf of the State members of our unincorporated Federation and the people thereof.

There is no break in the continuance of the governance of this country and no reason for any Third Parties to claim either executive powers or control of substantial interests related to us, our States, and/or our people as the result of incompetence or insolvency of Third Party Subcontractors.

There is no reason to assume the existence of any continuance of contract or assumption of a new or successor contract with any foreign subcontractors under bankruptcy administration, any incorporated “governmental services corporation”, or purveyor of essential government services that is not approved of by The Powerholder.

The United States of America is owed peace from every other nation on Earth including Russia and China, and we insist that our treaties with them be honored in full and also insist that the two foreign Subcontractors causing these problems in our country be informed by their owner, the Pope, that they are not allowed to continue making war of any kind on our shores.

The issues that we face here are issues of criminal misadministration and are not political nor social in nature.

Signed by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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