More Tip of the Iceberg from Paul Turner

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Many people are asking me — what’s going on with all these huge international law suits against the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health? 

Well, quite simply, the complaint against WHO is based on WHO selling bogus bonds and promoting a known scam to capitalize them, then using the proceeds as payola to guarantee that hospitals and governments would participate in the hoax in order to receive between $100,000 and $300,000 per “Covid 19” death.  This is otherwise called bond fraud and bribery, so they are being sued for damages.  The fact that WHO declared a “pandemic” based on 150 cases doesn’t help. 

Falsifying medical records is a lesser offense that all the participants are guilty of to one extent or another— and the proof that falsification has taken place is apparent from another fact: deaths attributed to plain old influenza have disappeared.  It’s a miracle. Call the Holy See.  Here’s a real opportunity for anyone wanting to claim sainthood…. 

The issues against the CDC and NIH are more about complicity in the fraud and non-disclosure of self-interest and hiding scientific data, such as the fact that the PCR test purportedly being used to test for Covid 19 was known to produce a very large percentage of false positive results and was never intended for use to screen for a virus.  The fact that millions upon millions of these PCR tests were ordered PRIOR to the release of the purported virus (I am not convinced that it even exists) for no known reason is also suspicious, don’t ya think?  

The fact that no such virus as “Covid 19” has been isolated, and more damningly, no isolation protocol has even been started to identify any actual virus six months into the purported pandemic doesn’t help. 

The fact that both the CDC and NIH are private organizations and both are involved in producing and selling vaccines for profit has been obscured, but there you are.  That puts a rather different spin on their pronouncements when they are urging the public to get vaccinated using their own vaccines.  

As you can see, it drops the whole level of the discussion from “scientific opinion” to snake oil sales, and is a fact that isn’t being disclosed, leaving the public relying upon scientific integrity and logic that doesn’t exist. 

With seven billion doses of vaccine and an undisclosed cost per dose on the table, you can see why.  Just sayin’. 

Grandma’s Shinola Sensor went off back in March and hasn’t quit going “Bwahh! Bwahh! Bwahh!” ever since. 

But don’t rely on me as the only one smelling rats — rely on the governments of Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, and read Paul’s expose’ on WHO and their Pandemic Bonds — and enjoy his Understatement of the Year entry at the very end: 
—–the rest is from Paul Turner: 

Pandemic Insurance Bonds were the tool used to insure the compliance of nations declaring and prolonging this Plandemic>>>—————–

Pandemic Bonds began selling in 2017, which helped literally insure that other countries would comply with claiming pandemics>>>——————

World Bank Launches First-Ever Pandemic Bonds to Support $500 Million Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Washington, DC, June 28, 2017…/world-bank-launches-first…—————————–

PS I had the Pandemic Bonds information posted before the Pandemics were declared.—————————–

In our Restore Liability For The Vaccine Makers Group Files is a Rockefeller document from 2010 which is pretty much the playbook for what we see happening today. Scenarios for the Future ofTechnology and International Development.pdf, added February 12, 2020 is most worthwhile to check out>>> <<<^^^This link should share the full post^^^ +++++++++++++++++

Clade X and event 201 were held last year by the Gates foundation, John Hopkins medical center, WHO, and the CDC. The scenarios that were role-played had strikingly familiar news directives that we saw this year. They talked about how they were going to control the information released to the population and how they would handle the economy. Gates had teamed up with Harvard university to design an information tracker to keep up with the vaccine records. This is to be injected into the subject and it will communicate with the authorities.…/permalink/689908461922598/———————–

PANDEMIC EMERGENCY FINANCING FACILITY – PDF…/PEF-Operations-Manual…++++++++++++++++++

Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility World Bank Website…/pandemic-emergency…————————-…/world-bank-launches-first…—————–—————–

In summary>>> The bonds were set up as incentive for poor countries to go along with using the Plandemic planners doctored numbers for declaring pandemics and for keeping the illusion of pandemic going for agendas which do NOT have our good health as a goal.

—- PS  One of the World Bank links doesn’t work.  The page has been removed. Go figure some more. 

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