“quiet acts of random kindness”

You’re all welcome to Fact Check this . . .

The 14th of June, 1946 is the birthday of a boy born in the Jamaica district of Queens, NYC.

In 1995, his car has a flat tire. A black man walking by and notices its owner is wearing a suit. So he fixes the flat. “How can I repay you?” asks our birthday boy. “My wife has always wanted some flowers.”

A few days later, the black man’s wife gets a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note saying, “Thanks for helping me. By the way, the mortgage on your house is paid off.”

A USMC Sergeant spends 7 months in a Mexican prison for a minor charge. He is beaten. The man from Queens sends him a check for $25,000 “To get you started.”

A black bus driver saves a suicidal girl from jumping off a bridge. Our Queens man sends him a check for $10,000.

A rabbi’s critically ill son needs to get from NYC to California for specialty care. No airlines will fly him. The generous man pays for a private flight for the child.

This kind man from Queens commits many other “quiet acts of random kindness”.

A wise man once said “If a man’s heart is good, nothing else matters. And if a man’s heart is bad, nothing else matters.”

Who is this kind man? #DonaldJTrump, a man with a good heart.

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