The common cold by Robert-dean:House

So you think it is a new deadly Virus? 

We are the Hillbillies and the evil one (Ones), are Mr. Drysdale the wealthy banker of that classic show, The Beverly Hillbillies. Drysdale found out that Granny had a cure for the common cold so he tried like hell to get her to tell him what it was.  She would not say so he spent lots of money in attempt to find the secret. After great losses and embarrassments Granny finally told him. “Drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest and within a week or ten days you will be back to normal”. 

I know no other way to bring the truth to the dumbed down masses who are following the fake local news.  You people should be embarrassed by your actions, but then that would mean that you would have to have some kind of knowledge of what the word “embarrassed” means. 

According to the pdf I attached, “The American Medical Association, HOME MEDICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA, volume two – I-Z, page 1051, forth from the bottom it states, “Coronaviruses = Common Cold”.” 

The rouge here is to make you brain dead people fear something that you lived with all your life and to get you to destroy yourselves, your businesses, property, other people all in the name of deceit and consent.  You are doing it to yourselves.

Therefore, since there is no know cure for the common cold nor will there be, the elite who master minded this, plan on using it from this day forward to control you and your thinking and beliefs.

Are you going to continue with the charades?  If not, then do a Live Life Claim of who you are with your God given identification of thumb or finger prints and tell them who you are and that you are not an assumed or presumed citizens under their orders, rules and codes.  Then join your County Assembly and help inform the rest of the masses.

Remember, If you were required to REGISTER to vote, you gave the Corporation, you registered with, your permission to vote in your stead. 

The truth, and nothing but the truth.

PDF Coronavirus p-1 PDF Coronavirus p-2 

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