Time for Action—Trump Won, Defend the Republic!

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We Must Show the Elites That They Have Lost!

President Trump’s Butler County, PA 60,000-person rally. @ScottPresler “I have never seen anything like it—just a sea of people.”
On November 3 the American people reelected Donald Trump to continue to guide this nation toward economic revival and peace, and to protect it from a global elite bent on war and depopulation.

Now that victory must be defended from a “color revolution,” a fascist coup which is blatantly attempting to steal the election.

The President is fighting the fraud and will not capitulate. We must show the ruling class, headquartered in London, Wall Street and Silicon Valley, that we are many, and they are few, and we will not surrender to their psychological and information warfare.

On a November 5 webcast, LaRouchePAC’s Barbara Boyd said: We have to think of this as a color revolution, ongoing, reaching its penultimate phase, (we have) a President who is fighting it, and what we have to think about is the ability of his forces to politically organize the public mind in terms of resisting this thing.

 Citizens throughout the country should just say no, this is not happening; we are not going to let our country be seized by this. So we are going to back the President in the fight to do this. But it is the citizen’s responsibility.

We must “rise like lions from our slumber,” as the great poet Percy Shelley wrote and act to create a massive public presence in defense of the nation: The visible, public support for the President must grow! The Trump Trains/car caravans must expand and not stop until the election is secured and the enemy is in retreat.

The extensive extant network of blogs, Facebook pages and networks, websites, and podcasts supporting the President must speak with one voice. LaRouchePAC will provide briefings to be circulated.

Elected officials must be bombarded with calls and the message must be hammered home: their political careers will come to an end if they do not immediately investigate and prosecute the criminals running the coup.

Act Now To Save The Republic
Susan Kokinda

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